Out these New 52 titles, which is the best DC title

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#2 Posted by time (5823 posts) - - Show Bio

Catwoman is my favourite series out of the new 52

#3 Posted by Twentyfive (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

Batwing had a stellar first arc. The second arc is okay. Let's hope is picks up and becomes as good as it used to be in October.

#4 Posted by Mr_Winchester (728 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman hands down. Not one issue was a disapointment.

#5 Posted by The_Tree (8478 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Lantern.

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It's so hard to pick a favorite. So many of the titles are really great in some areas and then lacking in others.

I've got to say Batwoman is my favorite at the moment because it's been consistantly good since the beginning. Something I can't say about a lot of titles.

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#8 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (39971 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman then Action Comics

#9 Posted by EisforExtinction (2014 posts) - - Show Bio

Action Comics. I got a lot of love for Batwoman and Green Lantern though.

#10 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash is my favorite.

#11 Posted by borges (66 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say Captain Atom, but I wont. 

#12 Posted by icysloth (1329 posts) - - Show Bio

I voted Batman but the best of new 52 is Animal Man or Aquaman, which are not on this list.

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Wonder Woman has been the book that surprised me the most. The quality of both the story-telling and the art is top-notch. Runners up would be Animal Man and Swamp Thing, but neither of them are in this poll...

#14 Posted by cloudzackvincent (1084 posts) - - Show Bio

wonder woman

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