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I only began reading comics properly when new 52 launched.

Since then I've been trawling the wiki reading all about different characters and being exposed to the pre new 52 stuff.

However, I can't for the life of me work out the order of all the different crises and events.

I know that Flashpoint was the last event before the recent relaunch but I don't know what order everything else happened.

Is there a page here on comicvine that describes what happened or can someone give a quick rundown?


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@bio595: Yes, I can give you the basics.

  • Originally, in the Golden Age, you had characters like the Justice Society of America, including Jay Garrick as the Flash, Alan Scott as the Green Lantern, as well as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.
  • Eventually, DC launched new characters, as well as revamped old ones, with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, Barry Allen as the Flash and other characters of the like -- known as the Justice League of America.
  • Eventually, its revealed the the JSA is part one earth and the JLA is part of a parallel earth, of a parallel reality. JSA was Earth-2 and JLA was Earth-1.
  • During Crisis on Infinite Earths the two worlds merged together. This retconed (a retcon is basically, when something is written in a recent comic, that alters something that happened in the past. Changing continuity of what happened) the two worlds and made it so that the JSA and the JLA lived in the same world. The JSA was formed first, in the Second World War and the JLA was formed later.
  • Other Events end up happening, retconning some events such as Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. You can probably find a list of what they retconned somewhere on the internet, but it doesn't really matter. These events basically served for DC to reshape their world in some form, or to provide a good story.
  • Lastly, there's Flashpoint, which is somewhat like Crisis on Infinite Earths where the Earth is reshaped again. The JSA no longer exists in this new world (I think its officially been stated to be designated Earth-0, but I'm not sure) and a lot of history has been changed yet again, but this time it was done in bulk. For some characters, they're basically starting anew. Superman for example, has never even had a romantic relationship with Lois Lane, much less married her. There are other examples.

For more detail on what remains or doesn't in Flashpoint, or to answer any questions, don't hesitate to PM me. ^__^. That goes for anyone.

Also, this is a very barebones explanation, lacking detail since it was simplified. Just keep that in mind.

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You have COIE, then Zero Hour, then Identity Crisis, then Infinite Crisis, then Final Crisis, then Flashpoint. Easy peasy.

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@CitizenBane said:

You have COIE, then Zero Hour, then Identity Crisis, then Infinite Crisis, then Final Crisis, then Flashpoint. Easy peasy.

This story arc are most important and you must definitely read them.The others aren't so important.

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