New to DC and looking for reading suggestions

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Hi, I'm pretty much brand new to DC and I'm looking for reading suggestions. I tend to like darkier and grittier story lines and characters, but I'm not very familiar with DC's stable of heroes and villians. I know I like Batman and I know I'm not interested in Superman or Wonder Woman. Other than that I'm at a loss. I'm not looking for new stuff necessarily it can be old. Access to the comics is not an issue and neither is age or volume of reading material. Any suggestions on characters or teams I should check out?

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@cabales: I suggest the New 52 Suicide Squad and The New 52 Aquaman.

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@cabales: For DC i'd second the Suicide Squad recommendation. I don't really think their are any true dark and gritty books being published by DC at the moment (i mean Punisher dark). All of DC's 'dark' books are more about violence and great action scenes then gritty anti-hero story lines.

Ignoring that though, i'd suggest Detective Comics, Aquaman and Demon Knights/Batwing.

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Birds of Prey - It is surprisingly good. Really liking the characters in it, especially Starling who is new to the DC universe. One of my favorite comics so far.

Suicide Squad - It's good too, but it's more of a fun read for me.

Batwoman - Also surprisingly good, and the art in it is amazing so far.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - People are screaming about the characterizations in this, but it really is a great book I think, and has a lot of potential. Plus the way Roy and Jason take jabs at one another is hilarious.

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If you like dark, then look at the solicits for DCs Edge and Dark titles. I have enjoyed them all except Deathstroke. Dark and gritty usually equates to street-level heroes, so look at any of the Batman group also. There are plenty of previews online that can help you narrow down your focus.

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@Afro_Warrior: I would agree. Aquaman isnt really so dark but it is getting pretty gritty fast lol.

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Blue Beetle isnt bad, Batman and the Flash are REALLY good

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Action Comics, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Nightwing, Justice League and Green lantern for top picks :D honorable mentions are Suicide Squad, Batwoman :D

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Justice League, The Flash, Action Comics, Batman, Green Lantern and Stormwatch are what I've been buying and they've all been really great so far! :)

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I'd recommend you check out all the books from the Batfamily: Batman of course, Detective Comics, Catwoman, Nightwing, Batgirl if you are looking for darker stories. Each of those books have been good so far. You can also check out Suicide Squad, Although its more of a fun read it does get gritty at times

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Well there has just been a reboot for Dc. So everything went back to issue 1. So, maybe you should pick up Justice League, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, and maybe Batman. They have 52 new series so there are some Dark series and especially some series with Superman,Wonder Woman, and Batman. I am sure you will find some good ones you will enjoy

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I'm kind of in the same boat. I've been looking at Suicide Squad and Grifter, but I've got mixed reviews of both. Are they particular good for new readers or are they reliant on prior knowledge?

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the new Animal Man, the Vertigo series was great too.

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Dark & Gritty eh?

I suggest Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batman, Grifter, Batwing, and Justice League Dark.

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@The_Tree said:

Dark & Gritty eh?

I suggest Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Batman, Grifter, Batwing, and Justice League Dark.

Animal Man and Swamp Thing for, the are the two best books of the new 52. Dont over look Wonder Woman, i dont care for her ether but the book is awesome

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@Larkin1388 said:

@cabales: I suggest the New 52 Suicide Squad and The New 52 Aquaman.

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@Maystack: They are complete reboots. No knowledge of the previous incarnations is required. In fact it would probably hinder you.

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Well I can give you a list of books that i would stay away from: Hawk and dove, JLI, Suicide Squad, Black Hawks, Both legion books, Men at War, Superman, Detective Comics (its not the worst book, but the writing is subpar and it just ruins other great bat books like: Batman Batman and Robin, Batwoman, and Nightwing. This is of course my opinion, but the majority of these books i just find bland, not because of the character ( because any character can become interesting if written well) its just that the writing is bad.

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