New 52 Backups

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Is there a way to find which titles and issues have backups? I know about Batman and Justice League getting backups, but I'm confused by other titles. Unless I'm mistaken G.I. Combat has 32 pages plus a backup while Sword of Sorcery will be 40 pages plus a backup both for $4. Red Hood had a backup in issues 10 and 11, but stayed at $3. Are there other titles like this that have had an occasional backup but stayed the same price?

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any book at $4 has a back up.

Additionally, some books at $3 may get an occasional back up.

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Justice League, Action Comics and Batman all have consistent back ups. All of which are very good I might add. But like sethy said, any book at $4 will most likely have a back up.

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Justice League 1-5 didn't have backups, but were still $4 so it's not perfect. I'm mostly looking for the inconsistent backups that aren't raising the price.

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What do you mean by backup? Is it an Annual?
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The Shazam story in Justice League, or the Robins story in the Batman zero issue.

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