My Go at Revamping the DC Timeline

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JSA formed as a United States government sanctioned super team. Consisting of Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Carter Hall, Dan Garret, Dinah Drake and Al Pratt. They would continue to be active after WWII and into the Cold War.


Alan Scott is killed in action after fighting Soloman Grundy. The JSA disbanded shortly after his death due to lack of a proper leader. They would continue to fight crime after the disbanding.


Ted Kord born in Fox City, NC.


Martian Manhunter sent to Earth after the destruction of his civilization at the hands of White Martians.


Diana created on Paradise Island after Queen Hippolyta begged the Gods for a daughter of her own.


Hal Jordan born in Coast City.

Barry Allen born in Keystone City.

1980- Ted Kord becomes Dan Garret's apprentice and successor as the Blue Beetle.


Arthur Curry born in Atlanna, Georgia.

Kal-El born in Kandor on the planet Krypton.

Bruce Wayne born in Gothan City.


Kal-El sent to Earth. Landed in Smallville, Kansas and adopted by the Kent family.

Dan Garret passes away due to cancer.


Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down by Joe Chill.


Dick Grayson born in Chicago, IL.

Ted Kord founds Kord Technologies.

Kyle Rayner born in New York City, New York.

Kori'ander born on Tamaran.

Jason Todd born in Gotham City.


Barry Allen joins the Keystone City Police Department.

Hal Jordan joins the Air Force.

Arthur Curry discovers his Atlantean roots.

Diana travels the world of man.

2004- Clark Kent studies abroad and travels the world, aiding those in need with his fantastic powers.

Bruce Wayne travels the world to train his mind, body and soul.

Hal Jordan joins the Green Lantern Corps.

Barry Allen gains the power of the Speedforce.

2005- Superman goes public and establishes himself as a hero after revealing Lex Luthor's villainy to the world at large and single handedly stopping a false invasion planned by Lex Luthor and his private army.

Batman surfaces in Gotham City.

The Flash surfaces in Keystone City and becomes a celebrity.

Aquaman surfaces in Atlanna.

Wonder Woman surfaces in Delta City.

Blue Beetle surfaces in Fox City.

Booster Gold lands in the 21st century.


The Flying Graysons are killed and Dick Grayson is adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Selina Kyle picks up the identity of Catwoman.

Jason Todd is adopted by Batman, seeing this as an opportunity for Dick to have someone to even him out.

The JLA is formed as a successor team to the JSA. Members include Superman, Batman, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Booster Gold.


Jason Todd is killed by the Joker.

Dick Grayson leaves Batman and becomes Nightwing.

Kara Zor-El lands on Earth.

Booster Gold establishes himself as a celebrity hero.

Oliver Queen takes up the title of Green Arrow.

Kori'ander lands on Earth.

Raven appears for the first time.

The Doom Patrol is formed in London, England.


Beastboy leaves the Doom Patrol.

Dick Grayson meets up with Starfire for the first time.

Cyborg first appears.

JLA fight Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips.

Hall of Justice built in commemoration of the JLA's victory over Darkseid.


Teen Titans formed.

Kid Flash first appears.

Bart Allen teleports in from the future and takes the name Impulse.

Roy Harper becomes Oliver Queen's sidekick.

Dinah Lance dates Oliver Queen.

Jason Todd is brought back to life and becomes an agent for Ras Al'Goul.

Bane makes his presence known in Gotham.

Superboy shows up in Metropolis.

Several super hero teams are established. Infinity Inc. (Power Girl, Jade, Obsidian, Mister Terrific, Star Girl, and OMAC), JLI (Fire, Ice, Rocket Red, Firestorm, Plastic Man, and Animal Man), The Outsiders (Katanna, GeoForce, Black Lightning, Blue Devil, and Owl Man), and Stormwatch (Apollo, Nightrider, Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate)

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@GaryTitan: Nicely done sir!

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@Strafe Prower: Why do you think so?

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@GaryTitan: Because you included the Outsiders :)

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@Strafe Prower: Gee. Thanks. uwu

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@GaryTitan: Your timeline is wrong... not trying to be rude, but I'll explain why when I post my timeline later today ^.^

Edit: Actually I didn't look completely... this is even more wrong than I initially thought. Flashpoint throws out most continuity and most of what you're talking about so yeah... it can't be right by default sorry.

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@Durakken this is his own time line not what he thinks is canon
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@Jonny_Anonymous: oh i see...ok...

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