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So, are the only people aware of Flashpoint the 3-Phantom Stranger, Question, Pandora and the Legion?

Were the Guardians aware and just not concerned?

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does'nt flash have a feeling about or something.

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@sinisteri: The Flash and Batman have an inclination

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If someone could help me out a little here, i am a brand new comic book reader and am trying to get into reading by starting with the new 52. After doing some reading it seems like a complete reboot to me but am i wrong? Is there a series or multiple series that lead of to the new 52 creation such as flashpoint and or 52 week series? As a new comic book reader i would like to start somewhere and new 52 seems like a great chance but should i read flashpoint and others to get caught up on the events prior to new 52, and im very curious about Pandora and such and feel i should be reading those comics to understand more.

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@spencercox95: sure flash point shows event lead to it also.shows how dc,Wildstorm and vertiogo universe's all were merged .also yes a'lot of char's origin's were changed

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