most powerful dc charatcer???

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who are the strongest dc characters? before or after reboot (both)

vertigo and wildstorm included

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ion i think or lucifer if your adding vertigo...

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If you include Vertigo. Saint of Killers.

He killed Satan AND God.

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silver age superman

#5 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (6909 posts) - - Show Bio


Superman One Million

Superboy Prime

Anti Moniter


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Possibly Dr. Manhattan?

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the Presence

#8 Posted by Extremis (3375 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah Dr. Manhattan seems a likely candidate

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Darkseid seems overpowered before the reboot.

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From what I've seen, there are lots of lists on the forums. I would go with the Presence, but not based on personal knowledge, more so because of the fact that, well, he's essentially DC God, which would really put him up there for obvious resons.

#11 Posted by colonyofcells (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

Vertigo Death.

#12 Posted by thejman251 (435 posts) - - Show Bio

- Superboy/man Prime, Dr. Manhattan.

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The Presence.

Or Batman I forget.

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