Justice League Film

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I'm feeling uneasier every time I hear something about this movie. Hopefully someone here will calm that. Please discuss opinions.

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might be hard to pull off. i know everyone loved the avengers film but i wasn't too fond of it :\...hollywood has a way of not capturing the true essence of things..not all the time...just most of the time

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Marvel was smart that they tried things out in other movies first. DC is going to have a tough time selling new people as Batman and Superman as well as completely new properties like Flash and Wonder Woman. I hope it will be good but nobody will line up for a Flash movie if they totally screw him up in Justice League.

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It is all rumors and it looks like Warner Brothers is being cautious again and being silent. Just lots of talk in forums over nothing. Maybe Warner Brothers already knows that the Superman movie is projected to flop so Warner Brothers don't want to commit to a Justice League movie.

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On one hand I am worried as nuts over how they are going to show such as ensemble as the JL on the big screen and on the other, I am really excited to see this happening.

You're not alone in this uneasy feeling, my friend.

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I'm concerned over it as it seems they're just rushing it out without much thought to try and emulate the success of the Avengers movie. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

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The thing that will be hard to overcome with this movie is the portrayal of Batman. How do you overcome Nolan's Batman in a brand new movie, when you haven't had time to at least flesh him out for the audience? I think as hard as it will be to make the other characters come alive for the audience(it will be harder to relate to the super-powered heroes over the less so that Marvel offers), the whole new Batman thing will be their biggest obstacle. I think they're rushing this thing and it's a mistake. I would take the Marvel route and give them their own movies first.

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Batman sounds like it will be hard to portray in such a fast way since Nolan's Batman was amazing. And putting their stories into ONE movie would be difficult. If they based the movie off of the DC Animated Universe but in live-action,that would work.

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