Just stop buying?

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I posted on a topic earlier today to do with Tim Drake. It was to do with how people moan yet still continue to buy the comics their unhappy with.

So I thought I’d start a topic here.

Why can't everyone who moans about the changes with the new 52 just stop buying? I mean it really isn't that hard for you people to do. When you go into the comic shop you just don't pick up the comic/comics your unhappy with. If your still buying these comics, you have no right to moan at all about any of the changes you don't like. Your part of the problem not the solution. As long as you keep giving DC your money on these books, these changes are here to stay. DC doesn't care what the fan that has been following the characters for year’s thinks. If they did, do you think they'd allow all these changes to happen even though most fans are against it? All they care about is your $$$$$. Which those people that aren’t happy with the new52, still continue to do. If you stop buying a certain comic, eventually DC loses money and forces them to address what is wrong and why people aren’t buying it. People will say, "i like to have a full collection" or "i'm a collector". So what? Comic collections aren’t worth that much nowadays anyway, and who cares about having a full collection if you not happy with something. It truly is a waste of money then.

Like i said above. If you’re not happy and want change, you stop buying. If you continue to buy, you have no right to moan as your funding these changes.

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I currently do not purchase any new 52 titles. I believe a great deal of people still have hope for the new 52 deep down and that's why they keep reading in hopes it will get better. Also some people legitimately enjoy it.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I understand that some people enjoy it, but there’s also alot of fans who hate it. They continue to buy the book and keep it selling, and so in turn keeping the changes coming. I just don't get the logic behind it. If you’re buying the comic, i don't see how they can keep moaning about the changes they don't like. All they are doing is keeping these things they don't like moving. If they want to stop the changes, they must stop buying.

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Because fans, myself included, are sheep.

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I have no problem with DC. New 52 has been good for me because I am a new reader.

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Agreed. I became increasingly bored and frustrated with The New 52, and dropped all my pulls from it several months ago.

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@neale7: Hate is easy through the internet.Some times you get carried away or you want something to say. Also people hate change in general some more and some less.

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I like it for the most part don't get the need for the 0 issues.

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Yeah i hate change too. I like it when i think it works well. Dick as Batman for example. I myself havn't brought any of the new 52's either. I have come close a few times, but realised that i would just be wasting my money on somthing i didn't want as i don't agree with the direction its taken.

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I like the new 52 for the most part, and its just easier to read the things you do like instead of getting caught up in what you don't.

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Why does a person lose the right to 'moan' when they buy something? Why not just present arguments to them like you just did? You make a very good argument about a person contributing to a problem they complain about. Then see what they have to say? Like for example I have brought comics in the past despite being highly critical of them, because despite being highly critical of them, I still wanted to buy them because its possible to both like and dislike a product. Plus I actually really enjoyed and gained satisfaction from criticizing the comic I purchased and expressing my opinion about my criticisms as well. Some comics I even brought because of how much I knew they would annoy me. The particular comic I was buying would continue even if I stopped buying as well, as thats how the comic industry works. With some titles more than others. Some books are designed to attract readers, some books are designed to attract readers in a way to balance out with people like me dropping the titles, and even if there was a dip in sales what would happen with the book wouldn't be a change to make the book more likable to my preferences, but rather a change to get more readers through hype and typically things I dislike. Comics medium works really really slowly, and its so hard to identify why a particular comic fails or succeeds and fans preferences are so varied its actually really unfortunately to positively prompt changes as far as individual readers go. Especially since we aren't in a bubble, as in a book like Uncanny X-Men will always sell better than a book like X-Factor even if 99 out of 100 forum posters would prefer the latter, and even if the later would get perfect reviews fro every comic review place with Uncanny getting poor reviews. If Uncanny does start to lose numbers, the excuses/reasons a editor writer can use to explain why can be legion and so particular to a reader that their dropping of the title won't sincerely matter and they will probably complain/criticize anyway. So my argument (and personal method as far as purchases)  the better way to fix the problem is to really support the hell out of the books, writers, artists (and characters in books that are good, even if they are old books) you do love, buy multiple copies, review, blog, extoll their virtues to as many people as you care to. That tends to get more attention for the book, characters, writer, artist what have you and so you might get more of what you like. Comic companies are notorious for not owing up to failures, but they don't ignore success, they exploit it like filthy pigs in green mud. Have to remember people don't have a hive mind either, and comics industry isn't like TV or movies that will continue on and on.       

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"Vote with your wallets, not with your mouths"

~The manager of my LCS when talking about One More Day. It also applies here.

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@neale7: Well,your decicion but you are really missing good stuff not only bad.I myself read comics for 10 years now (superhero comics),so probably i am not what you call a new reader and i didn't have a problem with the new 52.Of cource i didn't like some things but you can't have it all.

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I don't know many fans who hate AND continue to buy it. I know many who stuck around with a certain book longer than they wanted to out of hopes that it would get better and then eventually dropped the book. And I know some who complain about certain changes but enjoy th new 52 overall and I know some who hate the new 52 as a whole and cling to one book that they actually enjoy. I guess comic fans are just weird that way. But I agree with you. If more people dropped the new 52 we'd probably have the old universe back by now.

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I tried several 52 issues and just wasnt happy so i stopped too. I believe we all hope that that one issue will drop and change things in our favor. I miss the older superman back right after he came back from the dead. Times change though. At least we can go back to those old stories and enjoy them still

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I do like the New 52. However, I can't purchase monthlies due to budget and work. As well as my LCS is in another town, so I have the odd trip to Barnes and Noble to provide me with my comics.

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The problem is that DCnU is about 25% shit. 50% average 25% above average, which isn't all that bad in reality, when you only consider what is being presented out of the box and not consider any history or lore... The problem comes that more lore is considered the worse those percentages become. The only possible option is to stop considering these the same characters, that they have just been given the same names more or less with a surface similarity with each other. It doesn't help that a lot of the "new" stuff is a blatant rip off of Marvel or blatantly insulting DC as a universe or DC fans or comic fans in general.

Another problem is that there are no "great," "A+," works that have come out of it. The best thing to have come during the last year is Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, but that isn't DCnU or didn't have to be.

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This is the place for comic fans to express their opinions. Who else would you complain to, but other comic readers?

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@inferiorego said:

"Vote with your wallets, not with your mouths"

~The manager of my LCS when talking about One More Day. It also applies here.

Wise words! Ditto :)

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people just get stuck in there ways and just don't want any change period. If DC operated based on the fans who won't accept any kind of change comics would have been static since the 50's.

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@Durakken: Maybe i'm just easily pleased but of all the titles iv read so far which is quite allot of them Hawk and Dove is really the only one i didn't really like.

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I've cut down a lot on the new 52.

You can't say the whole thing was a mistake but they made a number of changes to books that I liked or stopped making them all together and it's changed my buying behaviour.

Edit: Also sometimes I buy comics for reason beside the story. I bought the first few Batgirl even though I thought the story was garbage for rad Adam Hughes art. I feel I can call it garbabe because I read it and the story was dumb. There you go.

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Sure the New 52 hasn't been perfect, but I still enjoy it. I like that DC cleared somethings up so it's less confusing for fans. On the other hand there is the fact that they aren't letting other characters in perfect example Wally West! Where the f*#% is he? He is one of my favorite and most cherished of DC characters and he hasn't made an appearance yet? That is ludicrous not bringing in such a fan favorite.

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@Marco_Kidd: you're new to comics arent you?

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The New 52 isnt that bad. They screwed up on superman. and kinda messed up batman's continuity but thats not gonna stop me from reading there books especially since i've been reading DC exclusively for years

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I agree with the OP. I hate the New 52 TT and dropped them after a few issues. However I get slightly annoyed by fans who hate the book and complain DC needs to fire Lobdell, yet continue to buy it every single month. The thing is I doubt DC really cares wheather or not you like the book, you're still giving them money so why should they change up the creative team? I buy books because of quality, sure I'll give a book with my favorite characters a chance, but I'm not going to keep reading it if it's dreaful. The only way DC will change up the creative team is if sales go down.

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@Ironhawk22: This is exactly my way of thinking. Hence why i started the topic. Even if fans think the quality or story is dreadfull, if they keep buying the book, sales will be high so things will carry on. I still don't see the logic behind it.

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This is my take on it.

I am a long time fan of comics. I am a long time fan of specific characters/superhero groups. I have been following storyline after storyline, book after book which contain my favourites and have also added to them, thereby expanding the number of books I purchase. My pull list is extensive and I will not be cutting any away (as long as my wallet can handle it).

My view has always been this: Comics are my hobby. I love my hobby. I support it, relish it, and can see myself enjoying it for a long, long time. Have I always been happy with what's been happening in the books I love? Heck no. Sometimes I pretty much hurl the damn things across the room in anger and let them pile up, unread. But that never stopped me from buying more and this is why.

Its like cheering for a favourite sports team. (Allow me to use the Toronto Maple Leafs as an example --- hockey fans will understand. the choice.)

There is a love for the team, a really deep and long developed affection. You buy the jerseys and purchase tickets to the games and talk about stats and players and coaches, etc. You bitch and complain about how things are run, how so and so didn't play up to his full potential, wonder why the bloody coach put those three idiots on the offensive line-up, etc, etc. The team plays well and the team plays badly. Winning streak --- you are all about the greatness of your favourite team, shouting down the opposing side, When there's a losing streak? Man, you better watch out because there is no one who can boo your team as loudly as you. But do you abandon the team? Do you stop buying tickets to the game, stop hanging out at a local sports bar/basement/garage to watch the games on tv?


You stay loyal. Stupidly, incredibly, non-sensically loyal. Because you love your team, you invested a lot of time and memory -making on them. Even though they haven't made it to the Stanley Cup since the 1960's and even lost out on making it to the play-offs for the past few years. This is what I feel when my books go to crap. The characters are the players, the owners are the comic companies and the writers/artists/editorial teams are the coaching/managerial staff. I blame them for screwing up the players because the talent is there -- its just in how you play them. Some coaches know what their players can do - others are flat out morons and screw everything up. But as a fan you can only hang on and wait for a change-up, whether it be the players themselves in positional organization or just getting rid of the coaching staff ( a common enough occurrence).

Stupid? Maybe. I mean, the money is still pouring in so where is the incentive to make any real change, right? And yet -- characters like Batman and Wolverine and teams like the Justice League and the X-Men still get some top-notch creative talent. They can screw things royally, but then again they can do things right. All I know, I love me my X-Men and my Wolverine and Rogue and a helluva lot more characters than I should. And I want to have every book that has them in it. Its part of my hobby - my collection. It always was.

So, sorry that my $3.99 might prevent you from getting a book back on track because money (or lack of) talks louder than a comic forum full of opinions. But if you think the comic industry is a medium strong enough to survive a static customer base in terms of reaction to story-arcs not fitting the bill satisfaction-wise, then I have a bridge with your name on it.

There's my two useless loonies on the subject.


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