JMS to leave Wonder Woman and Superman to focus on writing OGN's

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JMS annouced today that he is leaving both his ongoing to persue writing longer rgaphic novels.  Most notabley a sequel to earth one and his superhero hospital drama  Samaritan X, .    
Chris Roberson  the writer of i zombie and cinderella from fabletown will take over scripting duties on superman while  
Phil Hester  known for his run on green arrow  will scipt wonder woman.  
both will follow JMS outline  

to me this comes as no suprise to me since JMS seems to have a habit of leaving things prematurely(Thor, spiderman). though he seems to want to rake it easy since his output has slowed down after leaving brave and the bold.  
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Both storylines weren't really working out to be honest imo.
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His run on Superman has been pretty weak IMO, the idea was good in theory but lacking in practice, so I'm hoping Superman gets to be super again soon.

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yea  superman with jms has been dissapointing

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I'd rather read an Earth One sequel anyway. Superman's walk was readable, but I wasn't feeling the Wonder Woman arc. 

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