Is Flashpoint worth collecting?

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I just got back into collecting DC comics after a breif break and started again with the New 52 and really enjoying it so far, but after looking online I found the whole run of Flashpoint with all the mini series and one shots for round 100 bucks, Now is this a series that is worth collecting or should I just grab the TPB's?

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It is a series that if you would like to see how the New 52 all began its DEFINITELY worth it. Even if you don't really care about the New 52's origins its still a VERY great series. It almost reminds you of a "What If?" series, although it isn't Elseworlds because it is canon. I'd say collect the 1-5 run of the main Flashpoint and then the TPB's of whatever characters you like.

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I'd say read it.

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Definitely read it. Flashpoint, as well as the limited series books, are all amazing reads. Extremely, extremely, interesting and exciting. Mind blowing, even.

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@powderedmilkman: Frankly, if you really want to read this event in its integrality, then 100 buck seems like a really good deal. Some of the minis were really great like Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance, Flashpoint: Citizen Cold or Flashpoint: Legion of Doom but a lot of the others were just ok. And it's not necessary to read all of them to understand what's happening in the main mini-series.

In the end, if you really want to collect the whole event, then go for it, it's a good opportunity IMO. If not, then grab some of the TPB's who look interesting to you (I suggest you grab at least Flashpoint and Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman)

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@mr.obvious said:

I'd say read it.


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I would really want the Flashpoint Batman in a trade but it's collected in a trade with other minis that I have no interest in...I would rather have it, Citizen Cold, Frankenstein and the outsider in the same trade.

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Then next Thursday I am going to order the lot when I get paid along with a complete run of Crisis On Infinite Earths, thanks for the opinions.

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I think it is worth getting in trade. Get the main Flashpoint series and the World of Flashpoint mini series.

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They're not all worth it. The only ones I thought were good were Citizen Cold, The World of Flashpoint, Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown, Canterbury Cricket, Batman: Knight of Vengeance, and The Outsider.

Everything else pretty much sucks. I read them all.

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A couple of the minis are really good (Batman, Superman) but I thought the event as a whole was disappointing. It is however a lead in to the New 52 so if that interests you then it might be worth a look.

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