Help with a mysterious villain!

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Hi everybody!

I'm new to the forum and I just wanted to start with a question that is eating me this past few days. I remember an old The Flash story that had a villain who could control probabilities, kinda like a domino effect on reality. I remember an awesome page where there was a fat guy in a bus harrasing him and he used an apple he was eating to make a dog run, pulling his owner who was holding a bag of apples that fell in front of a bike that crashed into a guy reading a newspaper, the newspaper flew in front of the bus, the bust driver lost control and hit the fat guy.

The only guy I can find close to it is Major Disaster, but he doesn't have the same appearance. I remember he using a black overcoat, kinda like Costantine. Also, he complained a lot that his powers of predicting the probabilities didn't work on himself, due to some form of demon contract or something. In this particular issue that I'm trying to remember, he was also having some problems with his girlfriend/wife and even killed her parrot.

This villain used a machine to create a Tsunami to hit a city (can't remember the name of the city). The flash tried to stop the tsunami, but failed.

That's all the info I can remember. Does anyone have any clues?

Thanks a lot!

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@Batcanada: How old? Golden Age, Siver Age, modern?

Which Flash? Barry, Wally?

If you could narrow the timeframe and/or give more details, it might help the folks here find you an answer.

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Thanks for the help guys!

I'm not even use it was in a The Flash comic, it might have been on another comic, like they used to have a main story (let's say, Batman) and then, at the end, there was a shorter story with another super-hero. But this may be just the way comics where printed in my country, it might be different in the originals.

I'm sure it was modern age, but I really can't remember which Flash it was.

The city that was flooded was not just a city, but it was important for The Flash character, so it could be Central City or Keystone City.

The villain used a big machine to create the tsunami by creating earthquakes in the bottom of the ocean. In the issue, Flash also used his phasing abilities to escape being buried alive by an earthquake.

I can try to translate particular catch-phrases he used, but they might be different from the originals as well. I remember he said "I could create a war by giving a headache to a major, or kill the president with a phone call."

The main reason I though he was Major Disaster was because he said that he had the power to control weather, but he exchanged it for the power to control probability (probably due to the same demon contract that says his powers don't work on himself).

The villain wasn't after the Flash just for fun, he seemed like he had been hired to kill the flash. At one point, while the Flash is trying to put sand on the beach to stop the tsunami, he uses a kind of binocular to blind the pilot of a news helicopters that was covering the story. The pilot shakes the helicopter and the journalist inside drops something that crashes inside the cabin of a truck, releasing the brakes and making the truck go downhill straight to the place were The Flash was. At this time, he said something about someone (probably the one who paid him to kill the Flash): "He hates you with the intensity of the sun."

Dunno if I can remember anything else =/

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