Height and Weight in the DC Universe

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Am I the only one thinking a lot of these stats don't make any sense? I recently went on the DCwiki and checked out some of these stats. A couple of them looked wrong so I commented on them and found out they got these stats from a book called "The DC Comics Encyclopedia." So I purchased the book and found out a lot of these stats make no sense. Now I know that the way a character is drawn varies but Jason Todd is heavier than Batman by 15 lbs despite being shorter and not as muscular? Superboy is only 5.7 even though he's the clone of Superman? He actually appears that height in the comics too but it doesn't really make sense considering who's DNA he has.

Now as of New 52 it seems many of those stats have become invalid. In a picture of all of the Robins, Dick was the tallest(5.10). Then Jason(6.0 but if he's shrunk maybe 5.8 or 5.9). Tim(5.5) was like a head shorter than Jason but he was leaning slightly forward. The only one who looked normal there was Damien. Another example is Sinestro. He's supposedly 6.7 yet stands only slightly taller than Hal in the Green Lantern comic.

Sorry if I seem a bit nit picky, I'm just sort of OCD about small details like this. What are some heights and weights you guys find weird?

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The comic book writers don't really care about drawing to scale. Marvel Comics isn't much better. Hulk is supposed to be 8 feet tall but frequently shown to be 15 feet tall.

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@pcn24454: hulk starts at 8 feet tall when he gets madder and stronger he gets up to 12 feet tall.

To answee the question yeah they don't really care jasom todd should be ahorter than batman but should be a little bit more musclar, but they don't want to show a robin that's bigger than batman. Not sure about sinestro though.

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Starfire is supposed to be 6'4 195cm, but she is often portrayed as shorter than most men.

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