Guardians of the Universe in Cosmology...

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Where do the Guardians fit in the Cosmology?

If Guardians were the first to develop sentience and all that and the New and Old Gods are simply Super-Tech Beings... are the Guardians older than them?

Is Maltus the First World?

If not Who is? and Who's the Second World?

Where did the Third Worlders come from and why are there so many on Earth?

Clearly the demons and angels and such exist... could they be considered the First World and Maltus the Second?

The "Entity" is clearly more powerful than the Guardians and Necron and is from outside the multiverse. Does this mean that the Entity is part of DC's God or is DCs God only the God of the Multiverse and there is a yet bigger multiverse out there from which DC's God and perhaps the "Entity" originates?

Just some thoughts and questions >.>

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