Green Lantern creator dead at 91

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I'll admit, I've never been a green lantern fan. In fact even when I was buying almost every Marvel and DC ish, GL was one of the one's I refused to buy. It was always too weird for me. Anyways, still quite sad.

MIAMI, Florida (AP) -- Martin Nodell, the creator of Green Lantern, the comic book superhero who uses his magical ring to help him fight crime, has died. He was 91.

Nodell died at a nursing home in Muskego, Wisconsin, on Saturday of natural causes, his son Spencer Nodell told The Associated Press on Tuesday. He previously lived in West Palm Beach.

Nodell was looking for a new idea for a comic book in 1940 when he was waiting for a New York subway and saw a train operator waving a lantern displaying a green light, said Maggie Thompson, senior editor of Comics Buyer's Guide.

...more on their site.
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Man, I heard about this a few days ago. He was the creator of Alan Scott, the original Golden Age Green Lantern, who is powered by magic rather than the tech of modern GLs. Luckily his legacy lives on with Alan Scott's great character in the Justice Society.

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That's a bummer. At least he had a nice long life. It's really too bad creators like him aren't household names. Most people have no idea who created the classics.

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such a shame

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"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine!"

RIP Martin Nodell

And thank you for creating a character which inspired and awed me. First saw Hal Jordan GL in Superfriends cartoon in 70s. When I started reading comics in the 80s, I learned of the JSA and Alan was quickly the character I sought to know more about and loved dearly.

Thanks for letting that light shine!

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Rest In Peace

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@scouts1998: Why did you bump the oldest thread on Comic Vine???

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I know this was a real shame but is there any real reason for it to be bumped?

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@rustyroy: Crap didn't even notice. I am such a numbnut

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