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hello everbody,

i started reading the flash with the new 52, where he found out that his brain also can use the speedforce so he can think as fast as he run....

my question:

shouldn't his brain always has used the speedforce? i mean, if he thought with the speed of a normal person, then he would probably ran for example into the next wall, because he just would have been fast but to slow to think when to turn left or right?

or is in the new 52 just the first time an explanation for this?

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I know you're talking about Barry Allen but in Earth 2 when Jay Garrick first got his powers to become the Flash he was running real fast and he came to a wall and instead of crashing into it (like he thought he was going to) he ran right up it. So it was instinct that made him do that. I'm thinking it's the same for Barry. He can do it without even thinking about it. btw I read the Flash too and I love Barry Allen.

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Nobody noticed it before.

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