Did Mr Mxy created Bat-Mite?

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Bat-mite is a figment of Batman's imagination

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Bat-Mite is imo a psychological construct, or more accurately what's known as a "though form" entity, what's called a Tulpa in Tibetan mysticism.

This is supported (imo) during RIP where the Bat-Mite takes over reasoning, deduction and foresight for the Batman of Zur en Arrh.

The Bat-Mite itself says some things about imagination which lead me to believe I am correct (or at least Morrison wanted this to be the case).

When Bruce created the backup personality he either consciously or sub consciously assigned these functions to the Bat-Mite tulpa, compartmentalizing and protecting his more important mental abilities.

Now you may argue that the Bat-Mite displays a high degree of autonomy and can act independently of Bruce even to the point of contravention of Bruce's intentions or wishes, but this is supported by reports of Tulpa constructs throughout history even in the west.

Indeed according to the RL source material, the more effort and will used to construct the thought form, the more likely it is to become an independent entity and can in some cases become quite a nuisance and be extremely difficult to get rid of.

Finally, it's pretty easy to see how, where and why Bruce would end up creating (again, either consciously or sub consciously) such an entity given his travels, intentions and activities in that part of the world).

Just my opinion.

I suspect it's no problem for Mxy to summon and manipulate the Bat-Mite tulpa as he wishes.

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isn't bat-mite the same race as mr. mxy and a fan of batman.

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@Loki9876 said:

isn't bat-mite the same race as mr. mxy and a fan of batman.

That's what I thought. LOL.

EDIT: Got this from his CV page: No-one knows the truth behind Bat-Mite. Is he an imp from another dimension, a creation of Mr Mxyzptlk, or a delusion of Batman?

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All are right. Pre-Crisis he was an imp and Batfamily friend, though not necessarily from the same place as mxy. Post crisis I think his first appearance was around nightfall in sort of a one off story which focused on some random bloke killing a bunch of people in Gotham. I think it's generally excepted that this Bat-Mite is just a delusion. Later on during Superman/Batman (I forget the issue numbers but the arch had McGuiness on art) the Joker and Mxy are shown to be playing some sort of cosmic game of chess, Joker being given powers similar to the Emperor Joker storyline by Mxy. However, when his powers are removed this time they're manifested as Bat-mite. Finally, during the whole Black Glove arc and Batman of Zur En Ar story mxy seems to simply be part of Batman's internal mental defenses (a figment of his imagination).

So there was a tangible Batmite flying around but he's also somebody people like to hallucinate. Although, none of this matters since we got the DCnU now.

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Who is stronger Bat-Mite or Mxy?

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@jeanroygrant: myx

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@nandizzle said:

@jeanroygrant: myx

I thought it was a stalemate.

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