DC's What if's

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 I was thinking about Marvel's What Ifs and what if it applied to DC. Here is a place where you can put what you think would be good What Ifs. 
What If Dick stayed with the circus? Would he become a Talon and challenge Batman? Would he resist and fight them?

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@Dernman: Only for the new 52?

What if Superboy killed all of the Titans on their first meeting

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@BlackArmor: Doesn't matter.
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He'd be a Jason Todd.

  • What If Barbara Gordon never lost the use of her legs?
  • What if Cassandra Cain never was?
  • What if Richard Dragon got the attention he deserves?
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what if super girl landed before super man?

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What if Jason Todd had survived and remain as robin

What if batman had only 1 parent killed

What if Krypto The super dog was an Ant-eater.

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A Lex Luthor story: What if Superman never landed on Earth?

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What if Crisis on Infinite Earths never happened

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