DCnU questions and Theories

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A place to discuss all kinds of questions and theories about this new phase of DC comics

1)We already know that Amazo or A-maze,as it is now called,has appeared in the pages of Justice League # 8, but the number 4 is cited something called B-mazo.What it will be a duplicate or an evolved version of the original?

2) In pages of Supergirl the Worldkillerssaid they were created through the cloning experiment on Krypton and that a long time seeking the fifth member.Would it be Doomsday?? Or Supergirl?This is the reason for her to show different powers?

3) In pages of Action Comisis stated that there is a Superman acting in Metropolis,before Clark appeared. So who is this guy?

4)Joker disappeared, after having his face torn off. Lex Luthor disappeared, after Superman saving Metropolis. What happened to the Joker and Lex Luthor?

5) If Superman's armor is indestructible. How Darkseid succeeded in destroying part of it?

6) What really is the Shadow Cabinet?

7)What is the great danger that the Scourge of the Worlds, said that Earth will face?

8) Will be The New 52 a reboot ?? a Relaunch??or a great saga (I know it sounds crazy, but we all know how DC loves to innovate, you guys have seen 52)??

Tell me what you think about these questions and which question and theories you guys have to share?

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Good questions, I think that the final member of the World Killers would be Doomsday, he's not exactly known for staying in the same place.

I'm not sure about Darkseid destroying part of it, it was either a mistake, showing how Darkseid being powerful or a plan for the future.

I think we'll probably find out about Joker soon but I don't think they'll rush into that story.

I'm not sure who was around before Supes but Grant will probably use this in his future stories for Action Comics.

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@htb106: I'm glad you like,is a shame that other people do not want to argue about it.

This over Darkseid is a great mystery, but he had mentioned would use the genetic material of Superman to create a new troop of soldiers andI found another interesting thing in the first issue the Power Ring was unable to say what is the Mother Box and the Parademons.

I expect that missing Worldkiller will be Doomsday,He was one of the best things to the Superman history, just hope that give better treatment to him, this time he already appear intelligent.

Hopefully it will not take just to say who was the first Superman.another crazy (and Intelligent) things made by Grant Morrison

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1. I missed the B-mazo part. I guess i just skimmed over it but it would be interesting. It doesn't have the same ring as Amazo but maybe they are setting him up to be the Ultron of the DCU (unless that's what Brainiac is supposed to be now)

2.I would say the 5th member is Doomsday. The writers stated as the new 52 came out that the Kryptonian women will have somewhat different powers compared to the men. (have they shown a difference in powers yet?)

3. No one knows yet but i cant wait to find out.

4. It sounded like they were bringing him back soon. didn't Harley go try to kill him in Suicide Squad recently and then fell in love with him again or something?

5. Nothing is totally indestructible. I would think this is just a show of power on Darkseids part. Supermans armor can withstand trains, bullets, and even other superheroes and villains alike but cant stand up to a god.

6. It used to be a secretive (sounds almost like an anti-hero team) but i havent heard of them since the New 52 started

7. I thought that was Darkseid? Idk i haven't been keeping up with Stormwatch as much ( i had to Google Scourge of Worlds just to figure out what you were talking about)

8. It is supposed to be a relaunch and for now i think that is what it will stay. They are doing well enough and fans seem to be happy and accepting for the most part that i cant see DC going back to what we had before or say that this ia an alternate universe or something

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1) I just think is a shame they have not shown Amazo fight with JLA,please no...I do not want Amazo resembles the Ultron, I think he is unique,Amazo don't want to rule the world orboast that it is the most powerful of all. I hope he comeback samrt

2) I hope so!!! He need to come back.

4) No ,that's not the Joker...she was having one of his delirium and wanted to rescue the Joker and arrested Deadshot on a chair and put Joker face on him,andreally believed that was him.

5) True nothing in comics,is indestructable..except Adamantium,so far

6) The Shadow Cabinet iswho commands the Stormwatch,since its inception,they live in an alternate dimensionand seem to know much more than the Guardians know , and the Martian Manhunter said he knows who they are. (what is more amazing is that nobody ever heard of their existence, not even his team).

7) apparently isn't he,it's something bigger

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1.) Amazo was created to destroy the JLA by Professor Ivo. I would think he needs more then that to keep him as a worthy villain for the JLA unless he would have become the one villain the team never beats but is still able to stop due to having people being able to be in multiple places at once.


4.) Interesting

5.) Even Adamantium can be destroyed or manipulated by vibrainium, magnetism, or powers such as Gambits which can make it explode. Also im guessing there are more people would can mess with it.

6.) wow, that is interesting. So MM knows who they are but no one else knows? I hope they get deeper in to who they are. Thats surprising that they know more then the Guardians since the Guardians know alot and hide alot.

7.) my only other guess would be someone like the Anti-montior or Doomsday (he beat Darkseid i thought in old comics), although possibly the war of the Green Lanterns or the Black Lantern Corps could be the threat

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1) This is true, Geoff Johns could be mirroed Amazo in Batman,as he has the powers of the whole team, he could use his weaknesses (like Batman), to become a villain handler,but I hope he is an enemy of other heroes too.The only problem that interferes the return of Prometheus

5) I forgot that Magneto,ripped the Adamantium off Wolverine.

6)They can be even more mysterious and petty than the Guardians, and more evasive than a Monitor...and speaking of Guardians, you saw that they hide about the Third Army and The misterious group,who fought the Green Lanterns Corps are the real owners of the Power Batteries.

7) About the Black Lantern Corps,soon they will be back,already that the Black Hand again received the ringor maybe itthe return of Mandrakk

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1.) Yeah that would be cool to watch him use his smarts and wisdom and tactics but he doesn't learn to think like them i didn't think. He didn't gain anything from Batman since he was human i thought. What does Prometheus have to do with it?

6.) Interesintg. I didnt realize they have given that much info out about them. I want to get stormwatch in TPB. More evasive than the monitors? wow thats pretty evasive. I saw they planned on creating a 3rd Reich practically and i guess kill off or dispose of the green lanterns. They have been having some good stories but you would think that if the Guardians made the rings they could simply call the rings back to them and leave the users wherever they currently are basically stranding them. Wit the green people that the corps was fighting in GLC were the real owners of the power battery or are you talking about someone else. The entire history of the power battery talks about the Guardians creating it. Can you explain this more to me please?

7.) Yeah, i saw him kill himself and get he ring back. I cant see Mandrakk coming back and if he does not in the same role as he once had. If anything i think he would end up becoming the Guardian for the Black Lantern Corps.

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1) Yeah,that's would be great. In his recent appearances (Pre-new 52, McDuffie's JLA) he already demonstrated using the Batman's intelligence and fighting techniques,but in JLA Confidencial we saw the Kid Amazo,he was a second-generation robot can not only reproduce and copy their powers, but also as psychological aspects, to defeat them.Maybe in the next, it appears as a combination of these two phases.I quoted Prometheus, because he does this sort of thing, using the weaknesses of the team againstthemselves,I like him and hope he returns too.

6) Lol,to you see how mysterious they are.More and more the GL bookshas increasingly my attention,I found it genius to give more importance to Abin Sur, who already knew about the plans of the Guardians and create an army to defeat them. I think this is possible,but I don't knowif this would stop the Lanterns,because the ringsare only a channeler for power,but I believe the Lanterns are able to manipulate the energy without the rings (they just have not figured out how yet), as they operate on the basis of willpower.In fact, the Guardians didn't create batteries,they already existed in another planet (that exists in the limits of the Universe). The Guardiansfound this planet and the batteries, we say were ''grown'' there,they were important to keep the planet alive,because the planet had a vast energy network or was made of energy. (sorry I did not pay much attention in this part),they asked the Watchers to keep for them, then years later the Guardians came and took the batteries, leaving the planet..lifeless.So this group returned to get revenge.

7)Again he killed himself,LOL.That would be interesting, he becomes the guardian of Black Lantern Corps orhe becomes the receptacle for Nekron.Maybe he appears as a kind of evil personification of the Universe oror someone beyond them, above the universes,or one of the first beings in the universe, an enemy that the Guardians thought to be dead already

About B-mazo,here the scan:

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1.) these scans are from the most recent Justice League? Just from the scans you posted it looks like B-Maze is taking over Cyborgs body or Cyborg is gaining B-Mazes abilities or something.

6.) you lost me. So the green glowing guys from GLC were original owners of the Power battery and now their planet is dying/dead bc it was stolen from their planet? So they retconned previous stories about the power battery being buiult by them and even rebuilt by the corps and member of the corps?

7.) Yea i hope they bring Nekron back even if it isnt as a universal threat. Nekron reminds me alot of Mandrakk

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1) Yes,this scan is from Justice League # 4. No, neither one,after being having his body covered in liquid metal, he gained the ability to assimilate Technology and connect with all computers on the planet,what happened there is that he was able to see information about S.T.A.R. Labs secret projects.

6) Sorry again dude,the Guradian created the batteries and took them to Urak (the planet of the Watchers),making were synchronized with the foreign element on the planet, which created a temporal conduit allowing the Green Lanterns have access to them wherever they were,then the guards made ​​a covenant with the inhabitants , so they watch in the batteries in exchange for aid.Times after they removed all the batteries for no apparent reason,but it caused the planet began to die,because together with the strange element, they harbored the planet and its inhabitants.Because of this they were able to suck the energy of the ring and were behind the revenge

7)Yes,although he should be let's say more powerful, since he is an abstract being.Does this new universe, it will be death or will be one of the three concepts of death again?

Another Questions

1)WE saw Barabara return to Batgirl role,but how Barbara went back to walk?

2) In Green Lnatern 9,was told that Blackest Nigth already happened.But in the whole universe or only in space?

3) In Wonder Woman series,was said that Zeus disappeared,so where is he?

4) Cartel Hall said he born in USA and later adventures is said that he isn't of this world. Hawkman is alien or human?

5) In Red Hood and the Outlaws,Roy demonstrated remember of Starfire and that they were part of a team, this team would be the Teen Titans? Or a precursor of them?

6)What is the real purpose for Kyle form the New Guardians?

7) Whos is Darkseid daugther?

8) How the Earth-2's characters (Karen Starr and HUntress), reached on Prime Earth?

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7.) I would think Mandrakk would be more powerful since he is also a multiversal entity

other questions

1.) just the normal way, she worked at learning how to walk again.

2.) the entire event happened so the whole universe

3.) Idk, i havent been following that series (from the rumors i have heard it sounds like he might be trapped in the underworld by Hades

4.) Depends on what you are looking at, Pre New 52 Carter Hall was actually a re-embodiment of of historically well known characters as well as an alien or two. His whole life is about finding the one he loves, dying, being reincarnated and finding his love again. Post New 52 i believe he is just a normal human being that found some mystical armor. I havent been following closely though

5.) No you are correct. He was talking about the Teen Titans

6.) What do you mean?

7.) We dont know yet. It hasnt been revealed

8.) They fall through a Boom Tube and get sent to Earth-1 I believe is what happened

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@DEGRAAF: I'm looking forward to seeing a DcNu version of doomsday!

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7) Agreed. I hope Nekron also become a multiversal threat, after all he is the death

Other questions

1) But in the beginning of the Relaunch,people asked the editors about itand they said a single word:miracle. What Kind of miracle? science or mystical?

2)So that's what the Swamp Thing mentioned in the first issue of his new 52 comics?That's what happened during the lost year?It will be that the crisis mentioned by Hawk and Dove ?

3) Nice.If this is true,its means that Hades finally goes to show what came, and perhaps even become the main enemy of Wonder Woman.Now that Ares is neither good and neither evil andapparently seems to care for her.

4) I'm talking about New 52 Carter Hall.He said to have been born in the USA,but two issues later, the narrator (or someonethat maybe are studyingit) said that he is not of this world.

5) Wow Interesting,then this means that Nightwing also was part of the team.But what about the other members? Donna Troy and Wally, doesn't exist. Cyborg is member of JLA. Beast Boy istoo young.

6)What I mean is, what is the real purpose for the existence of this group?I even understand that they have the potential to become the most powerful of their corps, but still not making sense (to me) such union.

7) Yeah. But in JLA 6,during the fightDarkseid pointed to someone who was there in the crowd. Maybe Pandora? or a revamped character?

8) It's possibleor maybe it happened by the change in the universe ora scientific experiment,like Mister Terrific did.But what intrigues me most is, what was the real purpose of them being in this universe

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7.) Well technically Nekron is more like a Devil of the passage realm to Hell, Purgatory, Limbo and heaven i believe. He doesn take lives he just allow those particular ones to come back.


1.) neither they were just using the term as people do when something happens that is unbelievable. Not only did she survive the shooting she also came back and learned how to walk again. It's a heavenly type miracle but nothing to read it too.

2.) Idk, i havent read Swamp Thing and when did Hawk and Dove mention a crisis? I do believe it was talked about by Hawk, Dove and Deadman. What lost year?

3.) Yeah i believe that is what they are setting up

4.) (after reading Carter's Page and looking for more info) IT sounds like his story hasnt changed much with the New 52. Sounds like his sotry starts up right out of Brightest Day. If thats the case, He is Human (this time) and has had many reincarnations. The Nth Metal that is now within his body is Alien based metal/tech. One of his past incarnations he was from an Alien planet called Thanagar. One source did say that not much has been mentioned about his passed and that he thinks he is human but he is in fact alien but that was on wikipedia

5.) They havent mentioned much but when the New 52 first got started it was clarified that Nightwings Teen Titans team did exist in the history of the new 52. It has been confirmed that at least Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, and Red Arrow were all on the team. Its hasnt been made clear whether or not Wally, Donna, Beast Boy, and Raven were on the team. While Wally and Donna havent been shown in comics it hasnt been mentioned whether or not the exist somewhere in the time stream. For all we know the team as we have known it to be did exist in all its glory. Beast Boy was always the youngest so he could have technically still been on the team before being captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

6.) the New guardians is the name Larfleeze gave to the group of lanterns he assembled to kill his old enemy, Invictus. The team have since turned away from this goal and are starting to act like an independent team. Because of their vastly different personalities they are at odds with each other, but they do consider each other friends and do work well together. ( i didnt know that they had that potential)

7.) I dont remember him pointing out in to the crowd. Do you have a scan of it?

8.) No it was a definitely a Boom Tube. so far there is none. Currently they are just fighting crime while trying to get back to their home universe

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7) I hope this time he is a bit more activeor have a connection with Rot, who knows?


1) hmm. Interesting

2)I do not remember well that issue was, but it was probably in 4th issue of Hawk and Dove.They mention that they face a major crisis a few years ago and in Swamp Thingis said that something has affected the world years ago and mentions the death and resurrection of Superman,andwas apparently the same time,Batman was paraplegic.So he won the nickname of the Lost Year.

3)I hope so and hope to see one of her classic villains return,I liked the vision that Azzarelo gave the Greek gods,is so similar with the mythology

4)Let us hope then that the issue 0, answer our questions and for God sake, Rob Liefel will not return

5)This is confusing, they were already a team, but Starfire does not remember that and no one else mentioned this group.They were a sort of Black Ops team?

6) Understood, and it is an interesting concept, they are an independent group of their corps. I know it's an author's choice, but the way that Kyle received the ring shows that he has this potential and Larfleezecould have chosen the most top of each corps,but he didn't,in my view this indicates that potential.I want to see what will be the consequences of that union, when the Rangers conclude their plan to destroy the Green Lantern corps.

7) Sorry, I can't find that scan,but I keep searching

8) You saw that the Red Room, receives signals from Earth 2? It will be a future Crossover?

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7.) Who its Rot?


2.) Oh i heard about that, Swamp Thing was talking about Superman fighting Doomsday and Batman getting his back broken by Bane.

3.) What is his vision? I didnt hear about it. Also i hope that is true too bc i always felt Thor and Hercules were so well based on the Myth and legends while Wonder Woman just used the characters but not their sotries so much

4.) Was Rob Liefel that bad?

5.) I think the reason for not mentioning it is to keep things from getting convoluted and mixed up histories. I can understand why they dont want to dive that far in to the past bc it's only going to bring up more questions and mess up timelines. Starfire seems to have been lying but about not knowing Dick but she remembers she loved him. She just thinks of the whole human race as identical and hard to distinguish apart. I dont believe so. I think They existed and even had the Titans Tower probably but just no one seems to bring up the past any more.

6.) Who are the rangers? It seems in the new 52 that the Guardians dont keep as close of an eye on the going ons of their corpsmen. No team seems to realize that the "New Guardians are even together besides Atrocistus and Larfreeze. I think issue 0 will give us much more information

7.) thanks

8.) Most likely but they doesnt have anything to do with Powergirl and Huntress so far

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7) Rot is a concept (Like the Green and the Red) of death and the relam of Sethe,I do not know if this is possible, would require a collaboration between the authors.


2) Now only need to know if they make a miniseries to show these events. That's would be nice

3) Sorry,expressed myself poorly, the view that Brian Azzarello has about this character. True,for years the supporting characters and own Wonder Woman, were not based on mythology, Hercules is a sad example.I think the only author who came (before Azzarelo) next to Greek mythology was, George Perez.

4) Worse than bad, he is the destroyer. The stories do not have a clearly defined beginning, his characters are uncharismatic,doesn't show they have a motive or reason to do what they do.Not to mention when he draws, things fade away,reappers without explanation,the character have same facial expressions, and have a way of imitating the pose of other characters from old comicsand definitely the guy doesn't know how draw a feet.That's why Hawk and Dove, has been canceled and because of this Dc's editors call others writers to help him.But if this guy does not exit, Hawkman and Deathstroke will be canceled soon

5) It makes sense, if I'm not mistaken I was seeing the Dc's September checklist and in Team 7 issue 0,mentions that they do not hunt only Superman, but other metahumans and aliens, maybe they do not appear there

6) Sorry again,I wrote wrong- The Guardians. For someone who wants to save the universe, they do not have the slightest regard for those who live in it, but this will be the real reason for Guardians created the corps? To protect the Universe? Or to protect themselves?? About the New Guardians,they have a union rather unusual and very dangerous I admit, but one question comes to mind.With the end of the Sinestro Corps and the apparent destruction of the Red Lanterns planet and Central Battery, what will happen to Arkillo and Atrocitus?

7) You're welcome

8) Hopefully they are part of the new Justice Society of America, I believe that Robinson will do a great job with them.Like when they brought them to active in the 90s

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@DEGRAAF said:


5.) They havent mentioned much but when the New 52 first got started it was clarified that Nightwings Teen Titans team did exist in the history of the new 52. It has been confirmed that at least Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, and Red Arrow were all on the team. Its hasnt been made clear whether or not Wally, Donna, Beast Boy, and Raven were on the team.

When did that happen? Which issue??? =O

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7.) Oh that would be cool. Sethe seems like an interesting character. It also seems to throw out the fact that blakc Hand is the Embodiment of Death since it sounds like Sethe is now supposed to be.


2.) I would expect the Superman Doomsday fight to be shown in Action Comics and i wouldnt expect the mto ever show the Bane fight. They have already brought Bane in to comics nad he has mentioned breaking the bat so that is probably as far as they will go

3.) Yeah Hercules isnt great but even he has more myth behind him and in his stories then Wonder Woman.

4.) wow

5.) Interesting. I thought they were created to take down just the Justice League

6.) The Sinestro Corps isnt dead. Arkillo had a new yellow ring created is now the self imposed Leader of the Sinestro corps. Also i believe that the Red Lanterns will find a solution and stay around. I didnt realize their planet and battery have been destroyed. It seems kind of odd that as soon as the Indigo lantern was destroyed everyone lost their powers but the Red lanterns didnt even thought it happened to them. I think the Red Lanterns will be fixed by one or a combination of Atrocitus, Bleez, and Rankorr

8.) You want a new JSA in the main Universe? I just want to see if they bring back Star girl, Cyclone, and Jade

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@hyperman: its mixed information from various outlets.

Red Hood and the Outlaws - Jason and Arsenal have a conversation about the fact that Starfire doesnt remember being with Dick Grayson and vaguely remembers being on that team.

I just looked to get better explanations and her are two site that i think might help (not sure how old you are or if you are readin Red hood but there are some explicit language and stuff that i wouldnt reccommend for younger kids)


the next one give a good list of what is still considered preexisting history in the New 52


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7) Maybe DC is returning to use the concepts of death again. Like Death of Endless is the death of the souls,Nekron is the definitive death,it was never really official, but I understood it that way


2) Swamp Thing really cited Doomsday? I'm very excited to see Batman and Bane first fight,Bane is a pity that was not used well in his first appearance in Detective Comics, let's hope the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises change that

3) He could have been a great villain for her, but unfortunately some authors didn't take it seriously. Hopefully he comes back, but as a real threat and not be cocky as his Marvel counterpartand fully connected to mythology. And who knows, tries to take his father's place on Mount Olympus.

4) LOL. I really hate this guy,the only good thing he's done was Supreme

5) This also and it seems they also took all those magic and scientific artifacts around the world and put them in the Black Room.

6) Seriously? I did not know that, I thought that Sinestro had destroyed them ( I don't read Green Lantern first 5 issues). About the destruction on Ysmault,this started happening in the issue 9, Rankkor was fighting with his teammates and the entire Red Lantern corps began to fight among themselves (for reasons I am unaware), that made the planet itself begins to tear apart and the Power Battery was poisoned by Abysmus,causing the battery to die slowly.So Atrocitus and his teammates decided to drop Ysmault in search of a cure.Yes they are over, but the Indigo power is still in the center of that planet, which indicates that someone will take the power for himself.I think all this is a secret plan of the Guardians, is much coincidence together...like Odym was under attack by the Reach,Ysmault is doomed,exist few Sinestro corps members,Indigo Tribe is gone,The Watchersalmost attacked OA....

8) well I would like to see them in the Main Universe,but this isn't possible,but I believe there was a group of heroes during World War II in the Main Universe.The DC did not say it is not possible, the only thing they said was that the hero was a new thing,but I think the word hero is new, because even the Batman acted as vigilant before the famous ''Five Years''.

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Does anyone know how much of the pre flashpoint world exists? Since it is said that Blackest Night has already happened, how do we know what to believe? I think it is very frustrating reading and not knowing the history of what really occurred.

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@Cap10nate: it is not yet well understood, but has already been shown that Batman and Flash remember things are different, they were in a different place than they are now,but their memories is fadeaway,slowly. The letter Batman (Thomas Wayne) gave to the Flash is exposed in the Batcave. It was confirmed that Blackest Night already happened,Hal Jordan said this to Natromo in Green Lantern 9,and apparently, this is the crisis cited by Hawk and Dove and Swamp Thing. Now just wait that 0 issues,will answer our questions

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@matchesmalone21: Thanks boss. I have always followed Marvel more than DC but tried to keep up with what was going on and read a few titles regularly and just found it frustrating not knowing what happened when reading these new 52 stories. I hope that the 0 issues let you know what has happened in the past and what stories are still relevant.

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@Cap10nate: You're welcome,I understand how you feel, I try to read all the comics to see if I can get some information,about what is valid or isn't. I'll tell you some things I know are still valid:

Events: Blackest Night,Sinestro corps war.

Facts: Bane breaks Batman,Jason Todd and Superman died and ressurect,Joker shot Barbara Gordon,The Teen Titans existed,Martian Manhunter was a member of JL

I follow Dc more than Marvel,do not misunderstand me, I respect your liking,but after years and years of events I stop to read Marvel.

Congratulation to follow Dc and I hope my information has helped you

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@matchesmalone21: That is very helpful.

The events have never really bothered me. I guess i am easily amused. I never really cared for the X-men so their drama never bothered me. As for the Avengers and stuff, I have mostly enjoyed their individual books and the the Secret and New Avengers stories.

I am really enjoying the New 52, but I enjoy researching character histories so but I can't really do that anymore since its all kinda grey. I read Batman and Nightwing but none of the other dozen Bat books so I didn't know if everyone had the same history. It seems like they are keeping most things the same.

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I moved our 7 in with the others below since we no longer had a 7 down there


2.) No. In Swamp thing #1 Superman talks to Alec Holland about how he knows how hard it can be some times coming back from death. that was all that was said but i also believe that is the only time Superman was truly considered dead

3.) I would be ok with seeing something like that. I actually think it would be cool to see her face off with and/or join forces with the likes of Hercules, Perseus, Theasus, and Achillies. They brought Achillies in to the mix a few years prior to the New 52 and after the arc he just kind of disappeared.

4.) lol interesting

5.) interesting. I saw the scan of the artifacts, i didnt realize they all were attached to some sort of magic.

6.) I stand corrected. You are right. Sinestro and Hal did shut down the COrps and all that remains of it it the weaponer and Arkillo who has a ring and lantern untainted by Sinestro but they are said to be unstable so that should be interesting to see unfold. (actually after figuring this out i wish Mongul would come back and take over the Corps. I loved his uprising in the corps. He deserves to have an army the likes of the Sinestro Corps at his disposal). I find this very interesting with all the turmoil going on across the corps'. It almost seems like Geoff Johns goal is to turn it all back to just the Green Lantern Corps in the universe leaving a handfull or less or each other corps. Which Corps arent currently in ruins?

Corps' in good shape: Saphire Lanterns, Orange Lanterns, Indigo (i guess since they were all just re powered)

Corps' falling apart: Green, Blue, Red,

Corps destroyed with less than 5 known members: White, Black, Yellow

7.) Could be. It would make sense to better define the roles of their characters and it seems like Death would stick around after the merging of the universes

8.) Thats a good point and they are saying in Action Comics it has been documented by The Dailey Planet that there was someone saving people and doing good before Superman showed up.

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Everytime I see these scans of Starfire, I feel incoherent rage rising...

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@Cap10nate said:

Does anyone know how much of the pre flashpoint world exists? Since it is said that Blackest Night has already happened, how do we know what to believe? I think it is very frustrating reading and not knowing the history of what really occurred.

go to the 2 links i posted above in the top post on this page. They should help a little.

also to clarify, Everything since Green Lantern Rebirth of Hal Jordan is still canon (basically since Johns started writing it) in the Lantern part of the universe.

I would say i read DC more but i follow them almost equally. I get tired of events but am easily amused as well and i also feel like i have to know what is going on in both Universes.

Most things in Batman and Lantern histories are the same. They say final crisis didnt happen but Bruce was gone for a year which is when Dick was Batman

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2) I understand,but if it wasn't Doomsday that killed him,Who killed? Or he died during Blackest Night? changing the direction of the question, it is said that Alec Holland died and came back, this happened during Blackest Night? This was the cause of he split of Swamp Thing?

3) That's would be cool to see. I would like to see her facing some mythological beings,like Hydra,Chimera,Titans and Azzarelo brought an ancient conflict that many fans have forgotten,the Centaurs and Wonder Woman hate each other!! Really they did not know how to use Achilles it looked like a male version of it and you know at this same time, Jason and the Argonauts appeared?

4) LOL

5) The Black Room only stores mystical artifacts,many of them are originated from the comics and other from the real life. The Red Room only store technologic artifacts. One thing intrigues me, I saw a Red Power Battery in Black Room and the Stormwatch face one Red Lantern,and study his powers...what I mean by that is, Stormwatch and A.R.G.U.S. work together?? or is this a coincidence?

6) It made me think that the Rangers are from behind it all, are only pretending not to know what is happening and increasingly the arrival of the Third Army are next. In Green Lantern Corps 10,one of Green Lantern that helped rescue Stewart was killed by a Alpha Lantern and his ring was looking for a replacement, and when found,it say unable to fulfill its function and returned to OA,seems that this will happen with the other Lanterns. It appears that the Greens were again the only corps in the Universe,but I hope other things change for example: it being able to manipulate the energy without the rings and that energy can not be manipulated by other beings (Like Foton did with Kyle Rayner in JLA vs Avengers). The White Lanterns Corps still exist?

7) It would be nice to be this way,because people can get lost when they read comics and doesn't know who is the real death or if one is just a simple minion or abstract being.

8) Thanks. I read about it, and they say he appeared 10 years before Clark. You have an opinion or theory of who might be? I'm reading some of the first Superman comics looking for references on this subject, Grant Morrison loves to revive old concepts and give a new look,he is my favorite writer.

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Thanks @DEGRAAF: I must have glazed over that link when I first read the quote. That helps a lot since Batman/Nightwing and GL are the main titles I follow along with Swamp Thing.

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2.) I think that he was talking about Doomsday. The only other thing i could think of is is sounds like characters mention Blackest Night, He was turned in to a Black Lantern so that is my only other option but i think they are talking Doomsday.

3.) Yeah i would like to see her fight those things as well.(do you know if Hercules in Marvel has pegasus?) Yeah but i liked him. He seemed like a bad ass. I wouldnt have minded them being set up and married as she would become Queen of his and her people and the lands would unite. It could be DC's own Wakanda, Black Panther, and Storm sort of lol. I would actually have loved to see that. lol also just thought of this but i would like to see them married and have a pet Chimera.

5.) wow, i really need to start reading Stormwatch again. this is interesting. What is A.R.G.U.S.? It would be cool if they worked together, just to see the DCU more intertwined.

6.) The Rangers? You mean the guardians? I actually didnt even realize what turmoil the corps were all in until you mentioned it. Im sure the ring and lantern are out there some where but no as far as every knows the white lantern corps i dead

7.) Dc has just had to many versions. Just typing in death gave me 4 versions from DC and Vertigo and that doesnt include Nekron, Death of the Endless, or Black Flash One is an Apokliption god. I know one of their ways to fix this issue is that they say death can change form and show up in many different forms.I have also heard that Death of the endless is actually all other deaths or at least they work for her (obviously not the Apokoliptian Death and Nekron)

8.) I have no idea. I wasa thinking the same thing thought that it would be someone that should up in comics long ago or pull a page out of Smallville (which i would hate) and have his father show up and passes by as well as unknowingly at the time checks the planet out before he sends his son there

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2) Is possible, but I don't know .. there was only the mention of his death, it's funny that in any other comics that hasn't been cited

3) I believe he hasn't the Pegasus. LOL,I don't know if this is possiblebecause she loves Steve Trevor andshe doesn't seem to want to rule a kingdom,but it would be interesting to see a hero king (less Aquaman) like Geoforce or maybeBatwing ceases to be only a vigilant and become king,because I think he deserves to be more than a African Batman.

5) Surely, you will see how this group is connected with all DCnu,principally the Demon Knigths. A.R.G.U.S. (Advanced Research Group Uniting Superhumans) is a kind of mixture of the previous Departament of Metahumans and Shield,but much more active,offering logistical and combat support to the Justice League...probably they are responsible for creation of the Team 7,possibly control the Chekmate (still exist in DCnU) or are part of it,control the Star Labs.I think they may be connected for even Stormwatch has a room (http://www.comicvine.com/dc-comics/57-10/dcnu-secret-rooms/92-671442/#20) with magic artifacts and face a Red Lantern,is much coincidence attached.

6) What the ...Don't believe I did it again.Since I learned about the Third Army, I was madly making connections on the events that happened in Lanterns books,I want to see how everything is connected to the vengeance of the Black Hand.Another question came to me in the head, if Blackest Night happened, means that the Scarecrow was member of the Sinestro Corps and the body of the Anti-Monitor was the the Central Black Power Battery?

7) This is the largest problems in thepublishers there are several versions of a character, it is very hard to know who is who,this would be an excellent solution to solve this problem.Will Death of the endless showing up in DCnU?As they did with Constantine ?

8) Perhaps one of the characters, people theorized that Superman was based (Doc Savage,Gilgamesh,Hugo Danner the main character of the 1930 novel Gladiator by Philip Wylie).Smallville was good until the fourth season after, fell far and about Jor-El, I like they used this to explain how he knows the Earth and why he sent Kal-El,but I hopeit isn't used in the Morrison run.

@Cap10nate: Do not miss the issue of Batman and Robin 10 and the nest issues,where star the War of the Robins,probably answer some questions about them and how they were all Robins in a short space of six years. And in October the return of the Joker,that answers the most tricky questions about the Gordon family,Jason Todd and what the hell happened to the Joker.

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2.) Agreed. I kind of wish they would have just left it alone and then just have them redo the fight in Action (which by the way i hear they are still going to end up doing)

3.) Is Batwing Royalty? Yeah the ideas i had would work better as an alternate time line or something. I would like for them to show how these royal characters would run their kingdoms (similar to Black Panther and Doom or even Mole Man). I thought in the old DCU Steve eventually died.

5.) Yeah i am definitely picking up Stormwatch when i can

6.) Yes and yes. I know it will never happen but i liked the alternative lanterns they had for Blackest night and would have liked to see most of them keep their rings.

7.) I would think so. She was starting to be in more and more DC comics before the merge so im assuming she will be the lead DEATH persona in the New 52

8.) That would be cool. I would guess they would choose Doc Savage but any of them might have to mush comparison to Kal-El. Really? I like that Jor-El knew which planet he was sending him too but i didnt like the thought that he visited first.

War of the Robins?

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2) This I believe they will, because I believe that the ''five years'' of Grant Morrison should end up next year and began to tell stories of current time,to explore certain things that are still in doubt, such as Superman got his secret identity back?Who killed him? How he returned?How he learned the language of his race?What happened to Lex Luthor ?

3) Unfortunately not, but it would be nice to see him this way,but as everything is still happening is possible that perhaps he finds to be descended from ancient African kings. Dchas many characters that are royalty, but shows a little bit of their kingdoms and how they act like with his people. I want to see the return of Count Vertigo,Geoforce,Sonar,Maxima...I think it's possible this happens, as we know the Earth 2 and Earth 23 exist,is possible another Earth show up soon. Hmmm,I can't remember if he really died.

5) Absolutely :)

6)Me too,this was a great idea mainly because Scarecrow and Luthor,which yielded good stories in the hands ofPaul Cornell.off topic: Johns has to bring the Manhunters and Cyborg Superman to Lanterns rogues gallery again,was one of the best things that could have happened.

7)I hope that happens, it will be nice to see more interaction between DCnU and Vertigo.

8)In fact, they have a a certain comparison,because some of them appeared before Superman and have the same powers, which he demonstrated in his first appearanceand as they was a kind of savior. For an example Gilgamesh,he is considered the first hero of the history,hewas a semi-god, described as two-thirds god and one third human, endowed with superhuman strength (Like the epic says).

Yes,The War of the Robins. Damiandeclared war on his brothers (he said he would kill them all), to show who is the best Robin.

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2.) I didnt know he lost his secret identity. Yeah i figure they will eventually show the battle with Doomsday. I thought the battle suit taught him or something like that. What do you mean what happend to Lex?

3.) Yeah i would like to see that too. Arent they showing Starfire with her people now? Before the New 52 it was retconned that Steve was actually in love with Hippolyta instead of Diana.

6.) agreed on all accounts. It seemed more like he was trying to finally get rid of him though. Last I saw Cyborg Superman got the lantern removed from his chest and was stuck in Boddika's body and she destroyed him on a mental level so there was nothing left of his body or mind. Obviously that might be changed now though

8.) Yeah i read their pages. I'd never even heard of Gilgamesh or one of the other guys. Just Doc Savage and even he i didnt realize his powers.

When was this? (about Damien and the others, and im assuming its in Batman and Robin?

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2) Clark fake his death,after trying to stop a man blows himself up in front of Daily Planet (action Comics 10). Is it possible or she has the same Superboy's ability of learned something,simply touching soemone (like he did with Supergirl),well know that after the battle between Superman and Brainiac,he dissapear and he didn't appears to at least about 5 months, but in the comics seems about 5 years,perhaps to plan their next steps (like the Joker did).

3) Yes, they showed the adventure of The Outlaws into the space,not much deepened her relationship with his people, focused more on the struggle between them and their enemies, but I believe that in future issues it will be better presented. Maybe it happened in time, that Hippolyta was Wonder Woman.

6) In my opinion,Paul Cornell is one of the greatest writers ever. I look forward to his return, but apparently DC is trying to avoid characters which have similarities with Superman,for the time being, to no cause disaffection as before, by the excess of existing Kryptonians or someone using his crest. Did you see th teaser of the Third Army?

8) Because of the powers many people compare them. Last night, I saw an interesting theory about who may be the first superman is,is possible that he is the hooded man in the end of Action Comics 10 and he identified himself as Adam and the symbol on his chest is identical to that of Captain Comet use. Is probable that he is Captain Comet.

Yes,is from Batman and Robin. This event has not yet begun, but its premise starts from the 10th issue

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2.) Interesting. Superboy learned Kryptonian by simply touching Supergirl?

3.)Yea, Hippolyta was Wonder Woman at the time.

6.) With them chasing the GLs? Yeah it was pretty cool

8.) Cool. That would be a good read.

Interesting. I knew they were going to make an Ongoing comic called "Robins" but i thought that was them all working togehter. It sounds cool but its been done they got past all the jealousy and spoiled Damien. He loved being partners with Dick so it doesnt make a whole lot of sense for him to attack Dick. He has always been at odds with Tim so that wouldnt surprise me but again they have already played that out. Him spending some time with Jason would be interesting considering how much they are alike. He seems like he would pump head with Jason but would ultimately choose his way of doing things above everyone elses. I would like to see Jason take Damien under his wing to see how that turns out.

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2) Yes. Scott Lobdell make a huge upgrade in his powers.,he is able to mimic the Superman's powers through his telekinesis and is capable to leran something just touching.

3) Pre-New 52 Wonder Woman 's chronology was very difficult to understand,especially when made ​​to Hippolyta back in time and become a member of the JUstice Society to reintroduce her golden agestories

6)Exactly this,I was reading about this event and pretty much confirms my theory about the Guardians are the persons responsible for the attack the other corpsand also confirmed that Kyle has the ability to be the greatest of all Green Lanterns.Because I saw that he could be the secret weapon against the Third Army.

8)I can not stand to wait for the next Action Comics issue.You saw that Kryptonite Man will return??

I also heard this rumor and I believe it would be great to see them becoming a group without the supervision of his mentor,besides showing what unites them, what distinguishes them (even though we already know that),is a pity that Stephanie doesn't exist in DCnU.Who would do a great job writing this title is Peter J. Tomasi,in view as he showed the difference between them in issue 10 and can show the family relationship of Batman and his allies, without losing the action.

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2.) Oh i forgot about that. I am loving Superboy though

3.) Agreed

6.) really? I need to start reading the other GL books. Right now i have only been reading GL while trying to just follow the others through hear say.

8.) I did. He looks interesting. I cant wait to hear his origin.

that sounds cool. Can you post a link for the interview?

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2) Each time he proves to be a necessary character DCnU

6) This was revealed in Dc's October solicitation

8) Me too


Other questions

1) We know some Green Lantern events happened,like the Blackest Night and the War of the Light..so Krona have stolen the emotional spectrums is still valid?

2) Krona still exist?

3) Multiversity is just a mini series oris to introduce the Multiverse again?

4)Earth 2 Grundy has some connection with the Rot or is a version of it?

5) How Earth 2 Terry Sloaneknow Mr. Terrific would come to his Earth,if he came by accident?

6) The Books of Magic already appeared,so where is Timothy Hunter?

7) The Darkseid that appeared in JL 5,is the real Darkseid or just an avatar?

8) We know the 1st army is the Manhunters,the 2nd is the Green Lanterns,the 3rd is a new one....but what happened with the Psions?

9) The Mistery Island and the Dinosaur Island,is the same location?

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thanks for the link

1.) Yea that all happened still and Hal still "killed" Krona.

2.) Last i saw or heard of him he was thought to be dead and on Ysmault. It was never shown but supposedly he was eaten by Abysmus

3.) I my understanding is it is a series that reintroduces the multiverse again. It's a story of some characters jumping through to different universes or something.

4.) IDK i havent read the newest issue of Earth-2. From the scans i have seen he looks awesome and he says he is from the Grey.

5.) Again i havent read Earth-2 yet so IDK So is Terry Sloane the Mr Terrific of Earth-2?

6.) Idk but i would expect he will be showing up in the next year or so

7.) They havent said but we are supposed to believe he is the real Darkseid. We dont yet know if he can create Avatars in the new universe.

8.) I think they are still out there unless the were written out of existence after the NEw 52

9.) I dont think so. Idk much about either of them but they have pictures of both and they dont look the same.

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You're welcome and don't miss this month,Damian taken Todd out.

1) Thanks

2) wow. This guy is showing that it is worse than his own creator,1st eat Krona and now poison the Red Power Battery.

3)I find it disturbing in view of what happenedwith the previous chronology,I think it's too early for that.

4)That is the question if the Grey is part of the Rot,because they have similar powers...I have to say I loved this new version of Solomon Grundy,it is good to see more than a brainless zombie.

5) I don't know. This wasn't show yet,but this new Sloane's version it is a complete cocky jerk,he claims to be the most intelligent man in the world.I believe Michael Holt had been with the position.

6)He and Doctor Fate or he being the Dr. Fate.

7)I hope not to be himself, because he and the Parademons had a horrible first appearance,to a god who is the greatest threat of the multiverse, he seemed very weak.

8)I hope they still exist, I can not explain but I like them.

9)It is but the two islands has dinosaurs, it is difficult to know if there are two islands with dinosaurs or is the same island.

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2.) thats what i was thinking also but i think that was the point, to show that their is still humanity to Atrocitus.

3.) I like it. I would rather them do it that way then tell stories and later decide that it was all actually a different version of the characters we love. Marvel seems to be able to keep them in track for the most part.Im excited to see what characters they run in too. I want to see what has become of the Crime syndicate/Crime Society, Alexander Luthor and Superboy Prime, and maybe even watch Earth-2 characters at least make a reference about Earth-12 (where the Batman Beyond comic takes place)

4.) Yeah i read that comic last Friday. It seems like Green Lantern and Solomon Grundy (who is freaking sweet!!!) are the equivalent of Animal Man and Swamp Thing vs Sethe. I'm curious if they are going to have a character represent the Red. I actually think i would like it to be Vixen. I always felt like she was out of place on the main earth and makes more sense if she was one thie new Earth-2

5.) Thanks. I read it. Sloan sounds like he is going to be the villain. I thought he used to be the most intelligent man on Earth in the old version while Michael Holt is thought of as the 3rd smartest man on the main Earth (or at least used to be). So Michael Holt is from Earth-1 but is going to be fighting as a member of the JSA on Earth-2 it sounds like

6.) No they have confirmed he will be showing up soon but they made no mention of Doctor Fate. I would expect him to be showing up as well. Do they have any connection to one another?

7.) Yeah, it seemed a little to easy to catch him off guard, hurt him and shoot him back thru a boom tube. I would like to see him say that was an Avatar testing to see what this world has to offer.

8.) I had never actually heard of them before you mentioned them and had to do research to find out what you were talking about. I think they were just forgotten.Their have been many versions of the creation of the rings. (the guardians created them as well as the central battery that powered all the lanterns, then it was said that they had humanoid beings beneath the surface of OA forging the rings in a forgery. Then when all the Guardians were killed off and the battery destroyed Kyle Ryner remade the guardians and the battery so who knows any more

9.) Youre right though they are very similar and it wouldnt be the first time someone has changed the appearance of a location before. Im not sure if they wil ever tell us though unless Tim takes the team back there at some point (if he even knows how)

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2) hmm,interesting

3) I hope to see the return of Superboy Prime and Crime Syndicate too,they do lack.

4) Vixen on Earth 2 That would be great, the DC should do that morereimagine some characters on Earth 2,especially those who haven't had their chance to shine.It was not very clear but it appears that Eart 2 Green and Grey,have a connection with Main Erath versions Green and Rot. Jeff Lemireit open,in SDCC.

5) In what seems, Sloane become a bad guy and is working for someone (maybe for Darkseid or the other evil,cited by The Green).I think it's the best you can do with it, it does not fit in any group on Main Earth andwhat would be the JSA without Mr. Terrific?

6) Not exactly, but it was prophesied that Timothy became the sorcerer supreme of Earth.....which means the Dr.Fate. Timothy Hunter will joining the JL Dark next year

7) Unfortunately,Geoff Johns was confirmed that is the real Darkseid. Motherf[ric]king Johns

8) I read Green Lantern Corps 11 and I see them and you are right,they were one of the Guardians of the experiments, but were never used for the purpose of serving as an army and they still tarpped in the OA surface,alongside with the Manhunters and Alpha Lanterns prototypes.

9) Yeah,but this island appear in 90% of G.I combat issues,may be this will be revealed some point..

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