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Ol' Unca Sling Shot got another one Viners. Something to keep the creative juices flowing, and some cases to finally get them flowing.

DC has a storyline called Tangent Reign. It was introduced near 10 years ago and has made a come back recently. In this storyline their is an alternate earth currently under the despotic rule of Superman. Though this man is super he is not the one your familiar with, which is the whole motif of this storyline.

Currently they have showcased a number of DC's popular characters: except they are radically different and sometimes aren't characers att all ie Nightwing: a clandestine organization like S.H.I.E.L.D but if Dr. Doom ran it.

Anyways your mission if you choose toaccept is to re-imagine a DC character for this Tangent earth. And make it good to. Cause the best one gets the Viney.

Be as descriptive about your character as possible and try to be original, if your Tangent character has the same name or history as the DC one your DQed. If the powers are identical you are DQed. if the powers have similarities but are basically different your cool.

Oh yeah, I don't want to see characters Tangent has already revealed so you can't remake:








Cap Atom










Guy Gardner

Det. Chimp



Blk Lightning




Red Tornado


Thats all I know of.I repeat This list is off limits!

hopefully that isn't too much for ya'll. Luv to see whatchu comeup with. Don't be intimidated just be original.

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Here is a test submission: In this world of civil unrest. there exist an organization that can supply disposable armies and are available for little to no cost. Only your alliegance to The C.Y.B.Org.(Crimson, Yellow, Black, organization)

The soldiers are android assassasin/sabouteurs outfitted with nuclear ordinance and hologram tech. They are on a direct feed to a shadow satellite. They are the unkown army known as S.A.N.D Men

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glad he noticed this

HA! I once made my entire world of Tangent characters, I'll try and find it today and post up some of my best ones later...

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realizes he forgot to get them and curses

well, how about I just think of one now and make more as I go

Aztek: me :p

no, seriously I'll think of something

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I'm glad somebody is giving it a shot, no pun intended.

I wanna see whatcha gottttah!!!

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I'm just browsing through DC characters to see what it has to offer

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Yeah I'ma add a good one. That first one was a warmup.

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I'll get one up tonight, might not be too good since I'm doing a lot of things at once but we get more than one try, right?

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Why not. Looks like it's me and you keeping this thing alive anyway.

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ok then, I got three short ones coming up soon

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These are three short ones:

Bronze Tiger is an enchanted bronze statue of a tiger that was kept in an ancient palace of the Persians. It was said to have blessed the Persian armies in battle but was stolen from them by the Greeks, eventually a fool sorcerer tried to instill life in the statue and succeeded creating the Bronze Tiger. The statue has the ability to take on the form of a man, has invulnerability, super strength and has a little skill in the field of sorcery.

Knockout was an Olympic level boxer renown for his knockout punch, as he always won his matches with a single hit, no matter how many he himself took. Yet one underground match went awry when he was so badly beaten that he found himself paralyzed. He was kept alive by a radioactive fluid with alien properties and it granted him psychic powers, his most used of them being his knockout psychic blast.

Atom Smasher is a young man who got in a freak accident when he found himself at the site of an atomic bomb testing and miraculously survived the blast at point blank rage. In time he learned how to use the gifts the radiation granted him as he has the power to split atoms creating atomic explosions and now uses the power to slay his enemies...and anyone else caught in the sidelines.

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Those are dope! Ayo I wanna know how Bronze Tiger blessed the armies. What about it prior to it's animation helped the nation occuping it.

Those are fresh good job.

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hmmm, never thought of that...it never actually says it did bless the armies though, it just says it was said to have

though I guess the bronze could have fallen from the cosmos in the form of some sort of meteor and was then crafted into a statue by those that found the metal. it had perhaps come from a planet where it was blessed to be an aid to whoever possessed it, granting them strength.

oh and thanks, but I'm sure I can come up with better

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Sounds cool. Hopefully I'll have something for 2morrow too. Night bro.

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I'll try and get some more up tomorrow but I got to head off to bed now...

oh and btw, I have made some for characters on your off-limits list that I might post, not as contestants, but just to show some ideas

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Hey Sling, I still haven't gotten to mine but was wondering if perhaps you had done any...

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