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This blog is a little late for being about the reboot but whatever. I have decided to drop DC altogether with the reboot. The guy down at the comic book shop tells me he thinks they were good, but I don't think I will try them. Maybe one day I will go back, but for now, nope.

So, I will just stick to Vertigo (which I am not completely leaving DC, as Vertigo is an imprint of DC). I love my Vertigo titles (particularly Hellblazer and Fables) and Vertigo is yet to disappoint. So, goodbye DC, (at least for now).

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 DC reboot has been hit and miss but it has had his brilliant titles. Batman and Animal are just a few of the brilliant titles. I wont give up hope on DC yet
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I've considered this, on and off, but I'm stubbornly determined to stick around for at least 5 issues of each my new choices, and give it a chance.  I still prefer the old universe, and like the flavor of continuity more than change for the sake of sales.  That being the case, I'm collecting old trade paperbacks and hard cover editions of their older stuff.
At least you'll be able to try the "New 52" out later in the form of TPBs, if you ever become curious.

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@Xenozoic Shaman: That is what I have been figuring; that if I want to pick it up then I can do so with TPBs.

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So you won't try something that you may or may not like because of fear of change. That's pretty much what is wrong with the comics medium and why something had to be done.

In case you ever change your mind as a fan of Vertigo you may be able to like these titles:

Swamp Thing

Animal Man

I, Vampire

Demon Knights

Resurrection Man

Justice League Dark


The Shade

All Star Western

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@Nighthunter: Not so much a fear, but really more upset. DC has messed up my favorite characters; I already checked the changes that were made to them, and so I refuse to buy DC now.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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I've taken this reboot as a chance to drop characters I'm familiar with and start anew with ones I know little/nothing about, and I've been, for the most part, enjoying myself so far. Although I'd say you'd be fine in just reading Vertigo, perhaps you could try a similar approach?

I second Nighthunter's recommendations, all those titles are great.

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