DC Published Me!!!!!!!

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I just got my hands in Booster Gold #46; well not really my hands, I downloaded it because stupid Ciudad Manga doesn't have past issue 42; but anyway, I checked the Letter section, there I was! The letter I wrote DC in their website was right there published! With my name on it! That was so awesome
To be honest I felt I had a chance when I wrote the letter because I live in Costa Rica and that's far away enough to be exotic; but I didn't really expected to be published. Now I just need to get a real copy so I can show everybody I know, but who knows when it's gonna be on Ciudad Manga (stupid Ciudad Manga, useless Ciudad Manga)

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Congrats ^^

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coolio congrats
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Nice avatar. (c c c c c ombo breaker!)

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Congrats :) Your name has been immortalised within Booster Gold #46 forever... and ever... and ever.. and ever :)
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Congrats! That's awesome.

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Awesome! What did you write about?

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Congrats for the awesomeness that blessed upon on you by Thor. What does the letter says anyway?

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Whoa, congrats bro. Just remember, now you're famous, don't forget the little people who were there before you were famous. LOL.

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Thanks everybody for their kind comments. I only wrote about how much I love Booster Gold and how I came to know him. I do think I got published because I'm a fan from a rather far away country and I stated it's difficult for me to find comics, which implies I take an extra effort to get them (which it's true)

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Das cool...Congrats 

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Big ups man
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@Maki_P: i'm reading the  Booster Gold series, what's your name? i'll read your post!
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@The Stegman: My name is Maricruz Villalobos Zamora from San José, Costa Rica. Thank you.
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@Maki_P: This is slightly offtopic, but do you know of any comic shops in the SJO area other than Ciudad Manga?  I also live in Costa Rica and I'm hoping there's something out there (useless Ciudad Manga, as you said...) 
PS Congrats on getting your letter published!

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@TetrisAttack: Gracias, y la verdad no sé. Bueno en Casa de las Revistas en frente de la Plaza de la Cultura, al menos, tienen algunos comics, Action Comics, Journey Into Mistery, Avengers Academy, y algunos otros. Tmb he visto comics en la sección de revistas de la Universal. Aparte de eso no sé, pero creo que Ciudad Manga acepta pedidos.
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Pura Vida!

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