DC power grid rankings?

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Has DC comics ever done a power grind system like Marvel does? For example let's rank a few characters out of 10 in various abilities. Please do your best not to fanwank a character by giving all 10s ranking

Let's start with 5 people


Intelligence: 7-

Strength: 7-

Speed: 5-

Damage Soak: 5-

Agility: 2-

Weapons and Energy manipulation: 8 -

Mental Telekenesis: 2-

Battle Skills: 2-

Wonder Woman

Intelligence: 5-

Strength: 8-

Speed: 8-

Damage Soak: 6-

Agility: 7-

Weapons and Energy manipulation: 2-

Mental Telekenesis 0-

Battle Skills: 8-


Intelligence: 9 -

Strength: 2 -

Speed: 4 -

Damage Soak: 2 -

Agility: 9-

Weapons and Energy manipulation: 5-

Mental Telekenesis 0 -

Battle Skills: 9-

Martian Manhunter

Intelligence: 8-

Strength: 8-

Speed: 7-

Damage Soak: 8-

Agility: 4-

Weapons and Energy manipulation: 7-

Mental Telekenesis: 9 -

-Battle Skills: 4 -

GreenLantern John Stewart

Intelligence 6-

Strength 7-

Speed 6-

Damage Soak 4-

Agility 6-

Weapons and Energy manipulation 9-

Mental Telekenesis 1-

Battle Skills: 5-

Does anyone want to discuss this topic?

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Before was exalted staff member or even honored moderator, I'm almost certain he made a thread on this. It was open for voting and discussion.

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@KnightRise: Yup: 

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