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Heya Yall,  
I looked in the forums for a subject like this but couldn't find it so I figured I would start one.  First off I want to say that DCO has been pretty fun to play and I like the  storylines for quest and overall exploration of the game.  I would say one of the things that is the most amusing is seeing people interpret heroes and villains.   One of the things that always makes me chuckle is seeing people try to make their character look just like obscure DC characters or famous Marvel characters.  So far I have seen the following characters, Spider-man, Deadpool, Captain America, Gambit, Marvel Girl.    The best fight tI have seen so far was a team of pink power rangers and heros taking down Bizarro. 

I wanna know if anyone else is playing out there and what characters they have seen, created or any funny stories they have.  P.s I created the Gambit character :-p so much fun 

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Is this game only for PS3 or is it for Xbox360 as well?
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@_Courage_: Just PS3 and PC. No 360.
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Awhh :( I don't have a PS3 and I don't play PC games.
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I had a level 30 character in Beta and now that i have the game i dont play it much because i feel like ive already beat it. :/ 
But i have two characters, both about level 9.

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Last night in Gotham I was climbing a random building and I saw Batman, he said something and then disappeared, not gonna lie it made me smile.   
@ _courage_ ya only ps3 and PC :( 

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Todays funny story is I saw a flying super Steve Jobs.  My guess is mental powers :-p

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