DC Entertainment Offers Free Digital-First Comics for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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Who doesn't like free comics? DC Entertainment is offering FREE comics during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

For an entire week, from Tuesday, November 26 through Monday, December 2, you can get a free digital comic each day across all platforms (comiXology, iBookstore, Amazon, B&N). The price for these select books will be set as FREE for a 24-hour period.

What comics can you get?

Tuesday (11/26): Legends of the Dark Knight # 1

Wednesday (11/27): Batman '66 # 1

Thursday (11/28): The Vampire Diaries # 1

Friday (11/29): Smallville # 1

Saturday (11/30): Batman Beyond # 1

Sunday (12/1): Batman Li'l Gotham # 1

Monday (12/2): Adventures of Superman # 1

This is a great way to try out the comics or the format if you've been reluctant to jump into the digital pool of digital comics. Of course once you realize how cool and snazzy they look, you'll want to remember DC's regular release schedule:

Mark your calendars. Don't miss out. The select comics will only be FREE for that 24-hour period.

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Adventures of Superman huh?

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Legends of The Dark Knight = Yes

Adventures of Superman = Yes

Batman '66 = Yes

Vampire Diaries = Pass

Smallville: Season 11 = Already Have

Batman Beyond Universe = Already Have

Batman Lil' Gotham = Yes

This. Is. Awesome.

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As a digital comic reader I'm not jumping up and down. These are all 99 cents anyway.

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My local comic shop was offering an issue of Lil Gotham for free for a Halloween event they were doing, but I missed them all. I'll definitely pick up the digital version though, I love the artwork on that book.

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@gor724: Yeah but that's like seven bucks you're saving. I'm about to spend that at Subway for lunch right now (I'm really hungry and it's past lunch time)

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Man, I just bought #1 of Li'l Gotham and Batman Beyond 2.0 last week.

Is Adventures of Superman any good?

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Already have 4 of these but its still an awesome idea. Fantastic series' there.

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Wow perfect timing. I just bought Lil Gotham and Batman Beyond. I will enjoy the rest though

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Have all of them except the Batman ones(minus Batman Beyond U) nice!

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DC's digital stuff might be its strongest line currently. I'm reading a lot of this in print. I'll be sure and grab Batman '66 and Smallville.

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Are these the digital issues #1 or the print issues #1 (three digital issues)?

If it is the print, then this is a pretty good deal. If it is the digital, then this is 7 dollars deal, which isn't as amazing.

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Everything but Vampire Diaries. Can't wait to read this on my tiny iPod touch 4.... -.-

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Cashing in on their prize Bat, I see.

If DC expects to profit on any other characters (especially with new movies and shows being released in the coming years), they might want to try actually publicizing other characters. Just a suggestion, though.

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Free comics for my birthday?Cool.

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The Marvel deal with Comixology was much better. But there's a couple here I'll try.

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Already have all of these (and in print) but Vampire Diaries. But, FREE DC COMICS=instant download!

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@wardishy: I've enjoyed Adventures of Superman so far, and it's free, so I'd recommend it.

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dc in movies and comics is just basically two heroes. superman and batman.

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of course it had to be nothing but batman and superman titles. couldn't they have put something else besides vampire diaries?

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On ComiXology you can get them all for free now at one time.

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@jeanralphio: yeah I noticed that too. Maybe someone at comixology messed up?

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@cobra88king8 said:

@jeanralphio: yeah I noticed that too. Maybe someone at comixology messed up?

Yea I just scooped them all up at once,Batman Beyond 2.0 was a decent read.I'm probably going to start reading that series.

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