DC comics wolverine?

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Who is the DC comics wolverine?

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Huh ?

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I dont know. 
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@Bearded Justice said:
" I dont know. Lobo? "
Pretty much. Lobo is basically a parody of sorts on Wolverine and Punisher.
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Here's one: Tasmanian Devil
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Hmm. Yeah, Lobo fits.
Funny. First guy to come to mind for me was:

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@Cezar_TheScribe said:
Timberwolf "
Ah, of course.  If you want to find DC's version of any mutant character, the first place you should look is the Legion.  Not only will you find a similar character, you'll find one that was created many years earlier.  The two teams actually shared a number of creators.
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Yeah, its Timber Wolf. 

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New 52 Beowulf

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timberwolf,hawk,lobo,and the very least that comes to mind is Tasmanian devil

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For just character and trait similarities everyone pretty much covered the choices here.

But, if you want to rank them against DC while including notoriety and popularity (like Batman/Iron man, Deathstroke/Deadpool), I don't think he has a single comparable character.

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