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ok so ive been trying to get into reading dc comics and ive been having a hard time deciding what i should read i would like to know ppls opinins on what they like to read i only know the usual suspects batman superman green lantern aquaman flash wonder woman teen titans etc tec. would be really nice to know what other ppl would choose

pls and thank u ^_^

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@marvelman2099: What are you reading at Marvel that you enjoy?

Are there specific writers that you like more than others?

What genres do you like, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, street-level, team books?

PS Be prepaired for Viners to vent. This is a repetitive thread.

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Swamp Thing and Animal Man

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Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batman, All-Star Western, Aquaman, I, Vampire.

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DCU or DCnU? Genre?

My monthly list for DCnU : Birds of Prey, Action Comics, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Aquaman, I vampire, Resurrection Man, Voodoo, Teen Titans

plus : all green lantern stuff (GL, GL Corps, GL new guardians, but you'll need to read a lot of past issues), Wonder Woman (don't know if I like this new version, though)

need tho know more about your preferences!!!

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As you like the Punisher and Ghot Rider, I would suggest comics from DC's Edge group of comics. Stormwatch, Suicide Squad, Grifter and Voodoo are my top choices from that group.

You might like some of the Bat-group comics also. I would suggest anything from that line with the exception of Batman: The Dark Knight. Avoid that until issue 8 when Paul Jenkins takes over all plotting and writing for the series.

DC puts previews on their blog every Tuesday afternoon for that weeks comics. Take a look and see what you might like.

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No one's mentioned it so far, but Demon Knights is an awesome title. I'm also really liking Action Comics and Suicide Squad right now.

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@bladewolf said:

No one's mentioned it so far, but Demon Knights is an awesome title. I'm also really liking Action Comics and Suicide Squad right now.

Completely agree on Demon Knights. It is a great medieval, fantasy version of the Magnificent Seven.

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I'm really digging Justice League, The Flash, Action Comics, Batman, Green Lantern and Stormwatch right now. I know it's not a very original list but I decided to play it safe since they're my first ongoings and i didn't really know what to expect when I subscribed. Other series' that I'm really interested in and plan to buy any good trades of if they come are Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and I, Vampire. I'm actually on the fence about adding Teen Titans to my subscription list, so I'll see if they have the four previous issues still up at my local comics store. So yeah, those series are/look pretty cool for getting started.

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Nightwing, Action Comics, Batgirl, Green Lantern, Flash, and Teen Titans

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Well me personally read a lot of Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Nightwing, Superman and Justice League.

But why dont you go down to your local comic book store and look around? Check the different titles out, see what characters appeal to you. Theres like a million different DC titles.

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haha awesome thanks everyone ^_^

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ok with like the flash green lantern and justice league what issues should i start with?

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It has already been mentioned by a few: Stormwatch is really cool, probably the best of the lesser known titles. Out of all Bat-comics that are not Batman I like Batgirl the most, though Batwoman's art and covers are outstanding, if you like that kind of style of course.

Justice League is cool, too, all the heroes are constantly mocking each other. Sometimes it's surprising how Batman and GL can get along at all? Besides reading JL I can't say much about the other big names other than Batman and maybe Aquaman who I don't consider as too big of a name. I like his appearance in JL so I gave him a chance and was really happy with it. Aquaman probably has the best monsters (story wise) of the new 52 so far.

If you like weird stuff you may as well try Frankenstein... I hope this freak series will be out there for a long time.

Have fun checking out the DC's new 52.

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@marvelman2099: The first issues shipped in September. That would be a good place to start.

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okies ^_^

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thanks all u gave me some great ideas ^_^ hopefully in a couple of months i will be able to pick up almost all of those ^_^

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@marvelman2099: Before you buy anything else if you have $150 to blow I would get the DCNU Omnibus so you can sample #1 of every series DC is currently running

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@blackArmor: Really? 150 bucks sounds like a rip.

If you want to get into DC I'd recommend ignoring whats currently going with the monthlies and look into some trade paper backs. Most of what I'm suggesting is either probably retconned or out of continuity to begin with but they're all good reads (or at the least have some kickass art)

For Batman : Year One, The Dark Knight Returns,(both Frank Millar) Knightfall, Knights Quest, Knights End,(trilogy involving Bane and "breaking bat") No Man's Land (though that one is probably pricey), Batman and the Monster Men (great if you like Matt Wagner), Hush (Jim Lee art)

For Superman: Man of Steel (John Byrne post COIE supes reboot), Godfall (Micheal Turner on art), For Tomorrow (Jim Lee on art), What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow (Alan Moore's send off to the pre-COIE superman), Death of Superman (seminal to the last 20 years of Superman and maybe comics altogether)

JLA: Not alot coming to mind at the moment but Grant Morrison's entire run on the book was awesome. Alex Ross illustrated a mini-series called Justice which was a really good take on the silver age Justice League. JLA: The Nail (out of continuity), Generations (John byrne again, out of continuity, three series, the first two are the best). Cosmic Odyssey(Jim Starlin who is usually great on sci-fi, great introduction to the New Gods [Darkseid, Orion, ect,] if you're not familiar)

The Flash: Geof Johns run on the Flash. Close to the only thing I've enjoyed by Geof.

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn 1 and 2. Any of the Green Lantern Corpse quarterlies you can find. I really enjoyed Green Lantern volume 3 featuring Kyle Rayner as the sole green lantern. Alot of people seem to like the stuff Geof Johns has done with the character lately like War of the lights, Sinestro Corpse War, Blackest Night ect. eh, give it a try.

Company Wides: Crisis on Infinite earths, Identity Crisis, Kingdom Come(alex ross, out of continuity), Zero Hour (I'm in a minority who loved this one), Final Crisis and Infinite Crisis (both just soso but IC pretty much defined the direction of DC for a few years and despite being overly heady FC is enjoyable)

Should get you started

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@Onemoreposter: you save 6 dollars. 52 books at 2.99 each comes to 155.48 ignoring tax. so its a rip but it could be worse

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$2.99 a comic? Do people really pay cover price? Sounds like they should look around and find a better comic shop.

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