Can someone please give me some insight to NEW52

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I just started reading comics started with new 52 stuff. I was under the impression it was a reboot of the complete DC universe but after doing some research online I then was under the impression the series flashpoint was the beginnings of the new universe. After finishing the 5 flashpoint comics I really dont see how that is because flash remembers everything and tells batman about everything. Im just confused on the origin of the new 52 universe, why its called new 52, is there any heroes who are aware of pre-52 events and so on. If anyone could spare a few minutes to help me out it would be awesome. thanks !

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I'd agree that it's confusing and seemingly not well-explained. Having read Flashpoint and then the first two issues of N52 The Flash, there really is no continuity at all that indicates he remembers what happened in Flashpoint. Maybe someone who has read further can speak up if it ever gets addressed but honestly beyond the pages of Flashpoint itself that may as well not have happened because no one acknowledges it.

The major (MAJOR) exception is Pandora, the woman in red who was at the center of the big two-page spread in the last issue of Flashpoint. She is also hiding in the shadows of all of the first issues of the New 52 and is the central figure of the upcoming Trinity War between the three Justice League teams (JL, JL of America, and JL Dark). Pandora knows, and the rest of the Trinity of Sin (The Question and The Phantom Stranger) also know, as they and the council which condemned the Trinity seem to exist beyond the confines of any one timeline (Earth 1, Earth 2, pre-Flashpoint, New 52, etc.).

You may or may not find this blog useful.

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I too was a bit confused when I started (2 months ago) Ive ignored everything pre52. I havent encountered anything in the NEW 52 that mentions flashpoint, but then again I just picked up falsh 1,2, &3. So will see if flash mentions anything at all.

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For anyone knew, I would suggest sampling books and finding what you like. The purported idea behind New 52 was to make an easy entry point for new readers free from having to learn a convoluted past and deal with constraints of continuuty. This concept is challenged by references to past events/concepts, consistency between past/present and events in titles, and asking readers to not ask intelligent questions about how the present makes sense here and there.

I am not a big fan of Flashpoint or the New 52 universe. I love the DC characters, and I want the company to succeed.

There are some good characters.

The 52 was in reference to a phenomenal title called 52 years ago that established there were exactly 52 parallel universes in the Multiverse. It's possible that this recent reboot started out with 52 titles showcasing "1st issues"

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