All the new 52 male costumes having the same mock/v-neck collar

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is beyond lame. I mean... it's just wack.

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Grifter doesn't have a collar.

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They don't. There are a few. In comparative analysis, the number of v-necks against non-v-necks is miniscule.

Also, didn't we get over this already? I have this curious feeling that we're going to soon see a plethora of "I can't believe they're rebooting" and "Where is Wally West" threads... oh, wait...

Also, Aquaman is sick. California sick. Meaning awesome. Meaning hip. Meaning jiggy.

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I wasn't present for the "mock/v-neck costumes look stupid" discussion but seriously: why would Auqa, Supe, Latern, and whoever else all have the same tailor who would make the same lame collar. I've never even seen that collar before IRL (maybe I'm a small town hick or something) so it's extra corny that they all happen to have the same awful stylist.

#5 Posted by BlackArmor (6138 posts) - - Show Bio

HEY (pops his collar)


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