Advice please for the new 52 titles

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I've just return to the DC comics. I haven't red a DC comic in over 10 years and cause I'm mainly collect X-Men comics. So I just started to get into the new 52 titles, I would like people advice.

These are titles I have enjoy reading and I'm going to carrying on reading them and they are :


I loved the series, my favourite out of the new 52.

Birds of prey

Birds of Prey #4

I've never collected this title before and I'm enjoying it. The stories are not great, but I like the interactions with the characters.


I'm not a fan of the Bat family, but I really like this title. Batwoman looks great and stories are pretty good


I like this series, I don't think it's better than Batwoman, but I will collect it anyway.


I started to like this series, not sure if I will continue to read it though.

The Justice League

Justice League #1

I think is a great title and with Jim Lee as the artist, it's hard to put down.

So this where I need advice

Batman has loads of titles and I don't want to collect them all. I've red 9 issues of Batman and 9 issues of Detective comics so far. I wanted to know which Batman titles are best. Is Batman the Dark Knight a good title ?, what about Batman and Robin, is it a good title?

Superman has 2 titles, which one is the best, Superman or Action comics?

What about:

Wonder Woman,

I, Vampire

The Flash

Green Arrow


Teen Titans

Are they good titles, worth collecting. If your a DC Fan, I would appreciate your advice.

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Wonder Woman, I Vampire, and Batwoman <3

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@time: Batman is the the best Batman book and although I have not been reading Dark Knight I know it's universally despised but I believe its just changed writer so it might now be better, Wonder Woman and I' Vampire are amazing books ypu should 100% check them out also if you like I' Vampire check out Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Frankenstein. The Flash is pretty good but not amazing, Green Arrow is horrific and I quite like Grifter out of character loyalty but its not that good.   
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@time: Also Action Comics is by far the better Superman book
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Grifter is pretty good if you like edgy characters and don't mind a whole lot of alien fighting. Though if you want a truly good edgy story I'd pick up Deathstroke volume 1 collecting the first 8 issues before Liefeld took over. It makes for a really good contained book. I tried all of those except for Wonder Woman and Flash and I got bored fairly quick but you might like them.

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Batman certainly. Birds of Prey was good (but confusing) but the artist changed and it was really bad for a while (its back on track now though). I really like Batgirl. I'v only read a few issues of Supergirl and it's good. I would recommend Earth 2. Also could you please tell me what comic that cover for Batwoman is from.

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@time: Read The Flash. Also, Earth 2.

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I read Green Arrow, Flash, Earth 2 and Savage Hawkman. I can highly recommend all of them.
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I like Suicide Squad....

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Wonder Woman: I enjoyed the first issue but didn't continue reading. I, Vampire: The issue I read was good. Flash: Ehhh...Average. The art is great, but I found it extremely boring storywise. Green Arrow: Can't say much only read first issue but I've heard nothing but bad things about it. Grifter: I've heard nothing about this book and found the first issue okay but nothing special. Teen Titans: No. Horrible book, I had high expectations being a huge Teen Titans fan, it's really really bad. My favorite Batman title and the only one I read is Batman Inc, but Tec looks promising with Layman on it now writer of one of my favorite books Chew, Batman was okay but a bit overrated(I do plan to try out the Joker arc), and DK looks good but haven't read it yet. Warning though Inc isn't really new reader friendly. Read Animal Man it's amazing.

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