52: Anybody else dying to find who the hell Supernova is?

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Big 52 spoilers ahead.

There are a LOT of theories out there.

Here's a small list of characters that have been talked about

  • Rip Hunter (Trying to hide from Skeets and other time-travelers, and using his time traveling tech to "teleport" and "send things away")

  • Snapper Carr (using the Star Tsar uniform)

  • Booster Gold (I HOPE it is, because I'd love for him to have redeemed himself after all the scandals at the beginning of 52, but the problem is that in the new issues of the Justice League, the Big 3 talk about him being dead)

  • All of the Linear Men (could be that they're all using the Supernova identity, but Waverider WAS just killed by Skeets)

Those are just a few. Also, here are a few comments from DC editors:

Ralph is still one of the world’s greatest detectives, so it wasn’t difficult for him to put all the pieces together and determine the identity of person behind the mask. As for you internet sleuths and would-be detectives, if you search back through all of the issues, you should be able to make a fairly educated guess regarding Supernova’s true identity. However, because it’s the Christmastime—which is the season of giving—I’ll give you all a hint: don’t look at just one person’s powers. After all, nobody said that Supernova was one individual.

And regarding Booster, DiDio has said: "The repercussions of the death will play through the remainder of 52, and although this is the conclusion of character, it’s not the conclusion of his story."

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I'd like to see Booster Gold as well, but I very much doubt that is going to happen.

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Yeah, the problem is that DiDio seems to be systematically killing off (permanentally, I might add) the better portion of Justice League International members, or those appearing in Formerly Known as the Justice League and I Can't Believe it's not Justice League. Mostly just characters Giffen worked on. Blue Beetle, Maxwell Lord, Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter (he's been turned into a douchebag, rather than killed off), etc... So, there's really no chance of him returning.

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Ha, silly ScoodleDaddle, no one ever really dies in comics! There's always a ressurection scroll +5 around somewhere. I kinda like it though when comics have some deaths. The only problem is both Marvel and DC tend to like to do it in bursts, so that either nothing is going on or everyone is dying. I guess it's kinda like sweeps periods with TV, but it is a bit ridiculous.

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The thing about DC deaths and returns though is that they're (for the most part) super popular characters, both with fans and industry types. Superman, Green Arrow, Hal Jordan, etc... But DiDio and many editors over at DC are absolutely adament and intent on keeping these characters dead. They've exhibited a distinct distaste for them, and have killed them in ways that could never be retconned unless you have a reality altering event like the Crisis. Burning Booster alive, blowing Ted Kord's head off, and snapping Maxwell Lord's neck.

I'd put down cash saying that they're keeping these guys dead.

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What do you mean no one dies? Bucky died...wait, he's back. Okay Uncle Ben died...uhm, he's sorta back. Uncle Ben from another dimension? Does that count as being alive? What about Hal Jordan? No...dang it. Green Arrow...no. Jean Grey...man! Maybe you're right.

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LOL! So true about death not being permanent in comics. However, I'm on ScoodleDaddle's side for the moment in thinking that Booster, Beetle and Max are dead at least for the next few years.

As for the identity of Supernova, fans at my comic store, Whatever, have postulated the theory that Supernova could be Mister Miracle using the Boom Box to create the teleportation and other powers that Supernova has used. I'm not convinced. I wonder if the whole "It may not be one individual" tease that DC recently put out has merit or if it's just another ruse put out to throw us off the trail. If it were individuals all using the Supernova identity, I have to wonder who has the types of powers that have been used already including Teleportation. I can't, at the moment, even come up with one DC character who has teleportation abilities.

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It'd be cool if Booster could come back and redeem himself. He was really made to look pretty bad at the beginning of 52. I'll admit, I'm a few weeks behind on 52. I'm glad the rumors of Connor being Supernova have stopped.

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Yeah, I don't think the Booster Gold story is over, but at this point, I'm leading to it not being Booster who is behind Supernova. And I think that when Booster returns, he'll be the ancestor and not the Booster we know.

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I'm almost 100% positive that Booster's ancestor (I think his name was Daniel) that Skeets screwed over will come back, and take over the mantle. Maybe we'll see him having some time-traveling adventures post-52.

However, with each passing day I find it harder and harder to believe that Supernova is our Booster, but is in fact Rip Hunter. His paranoia could be attribiuted to Skeets' zeal to find him, or just about anybody trying to find him, considering what we saw Waverider trying to do before Skeets fried him. His seeming knowledge of events to come is easily explained through the fact that Rip is the originator and inventor of time-travel. Also, Rip Hunter is apparently a relative of Booster's, but I can't remember where I read that.

Edit: But keeping with the hint that Supernova is in fact more than one person, I'm going to have to lean toward Rip and the remaining Linear Men.
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I can only think of a couple of DC teleporters, but one is a woman (Raven) and the other an out-of-continuity 30th century bug (Gates). I haven't the first clue who Supernova is, unfortunately. Rip Hunter and the Linear Men is as good an answer as any. My only question would be - why? Just to be a filler hero for Superman while he was "away?" The LM always seemed more inclined to work in the background, rather then out in the public eye....

We shall see.

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Well, according to Rip's chalkboard, time is broken. So they may be using the guise of Supernova in order to figure out what's going on. We still don't know what he was doing in the Batcave.

Also, I've since come up with some new stuff.

Daniel Carter - Booster's ancestor was sent into some sort of time-vortex/loop and we still don't know where he was sent. Apparently it's going to reopen in 1,000,000 AD, which gives Daniel a whole lot of time either reliving one moment over and over, or actually inside Rip's bunker. You know, the one with all the time travel technology? I don't know, but I'm absolutely positive that Daniel is going to be playing a much larger role in the forseeable future. He may even be Rip Hunter himself, considering we don't actually know Rip's real name, whereabouts, or what-have-you.

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No one is ever really dead in comics and I think Booster and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) will find some way back when someone at DC comes up with a 'cool new take' on them. As for Supernova, I don't really have a clue but I think he might be from New Genesis. Teleporting could be boom tubes, and his other powers are similar to things we've seen of Lightray, Mister Miracle, Orion or maybe even Takion do. However I'm not sure where they ended up at the end of Infinite Crisis or why they would assume this identity.

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Some clues to the identity of Our Mysterious Hero may be found here: http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=97295

Scroll down.

Now this doesn't mean it's necessarily who we think it is, just that we have a better idea than we did before. Looking forward to this one....

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Hmmmm, very interesting. It looks like Rip is out of the frame for Supernova (unless it's a future version of himself). I wonder who's idea (in the comic) it was to use Kandor. It could be a left over from an alternate Earth. I did have the crazy idea early on that it might be Batman using gadgets to simuate powers. He has Nightwing to cover for his absence, but he might figure the world needs someone to fill Superman's shoes. Only 16 more weeks to figure it out.

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Quite frankly, Booster Gold being Supernova was really a let down to me. Din't live up to the hype :(

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