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The New 52 Review

Plot: For a FCBD comic, I felt DC really delivered. Three origins of some of DC's most mysterious characters. At least nu52 origins. A few questions were answered about Pandora, but I'm sure just as many were raised. Earth 2 was featured for one page, plus a glimpse of Earth 2's Lantern and Flash. There was even a new Lantern in this issue. There are sneak peeks at the second wave of nu52 comics and a preview for the Trinity War which was promised next year.

Art: The four page Trinity War spread was wonderful (especially for a FCBD comic). Churchhill's The Ravagers spread was amazing.

Price: Nada. You can't beat that.

Overall: This comic is a great value. I noticed my local shop had a few left over, so I'm sure there are some available still.


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