the_mighty_monarch's DC Comics - The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1 review

Free Mediocrity

So now we know Pandora's origin.... which is that she really IS Pandora. Ok. Oh what's that? Now The Question is mystical in nature? That's...... really weird, but ok? I guess it is a bit of neat new version of the character. And The Phantom Stranger is Judas.

.... REALLY? Really Geoff Johns? I never knew The Phantom Stranger's origins, in fact I'm pretty sure they've always been pretty vague in nature, and that's always been part of his charm. He's a mystical enigma who simply walks the world as an observer. But no, now he's Judas seeking redemption. Fabulous.

The little Earth 2 tease is pretty neat, especially the implied connection it's beginning to build with the Main universe. I'll be keeping an eye out there. And also it appears that the 'Reason they're called the JUSTICE LEAGUE Dark that Jeff Lemire will be bringing into play might have something to do with Steve Trevor, as he called for Black Orchid and John Constantine.

And then there's a preview for the upcoming event, Trinity War. The problem is... I have NO IDEA who's fighting who really. It appears to be some level of infighting, but it's SOOOOO hard to tell who's on who's side. Not to mention that WHO THE HELL IS THAT BLACK GREEN LANTERN IN THE FOOTBALL COSTUME? That sure as hell a'int no John Stewart, we've seen him in the New 52 and he looks NOTHING like that.

And then I kind like the previews of the second wave stuff... but they would be more relevant if this wasn't coming out days after 2/3 of the Second Wave.

In Conclusion: 3/5

IT'S FREAKING FREE. Get it anyways, it certainly gives some interesting new info on stuff, even if a decent portion of it is crappy origin changes. The art is certainly great all the way through, and since the artist changes every scene, it's not super jarring.


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