etragedy's DC Comics Presents #29 - Where No Superman Has Gone Before!/Whatever Happened to Dr. Mid-nite? review

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Superman Confronts A Superhuman Challenge

When Kara (Supergirl) slams through Warworld at a speed she's never before attained, she's knocked unconscious and continues to careen off into space. Superman has to fly faster than he's ever gone - breaking all sound, light, time and spacial barriers. But just as he's about to rescue his cousin, The Spectre appears and bars his way.

It's great to see Siegel and Shuster's two greatest comic creations come face to face, especially at the end of the known universe, but this story is more than that; it really takes Superman to the limit 'Where No Superman Has gone Before', and presents some real philosophical questions.

It's great to see DC Comics Presents used to bring Superman and another DC character together, not for the purpose of defeating some Lex Luthor wannabe, but to actually discuss larger issues.


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