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Lost Hearts and found Inspiration

This collection of four Superman comics completes the story arc "Lost Hearts".  I tried to confirm online if there was a "Hell's Heart" in Washington D.C. but I could not find if it is real.  If someone lives in Hell's Heart, please message me.  If not, I will assume Geoff Johns and Joe Kelly made it up to make the story sound cooler.
Premise: This convenient location, of Hell's Heart, is a place were magical parasites feed on negativity and create a cycle of bad choices.  Hell's Heart becomes a hell hole and Lana Lang happens to get caught up in the middle of it all.  Clark Kent has to saver her. This gets messy because Clark and Lana were childhood sweet hearts. Pete Ross is now married to Lana and also is a long time friend of Clark Kent.
Appeal: There was a lot of great things about this story arc.  This story explores love and how love can conqueror all, as well as how Superman really is an "inspiration". This story is one of the darker Superman stories, and the art portrays that wonderfully.  There are times when the pages are darker and have heavier uses of shadowing. Then there are pages where they are pretty colorful and a live.
I personally liked the magically angle taken with this book.  Being a reader of Hellblazer, Traci Thirteen is a cool character to me.  I like warlocks and witches and characters that actually do magical things.  The part in this collection where she won me over is when she spills salt all over the place and goes on to say: "If most people knew what I know about the underworld, they'd use their condiments a lot more wisely." 
Magic is one of Superman's weaknesses and it is magic that makes him empathic to humans.  Only when he is grounded down to earth, hooked on self-pity can we relate to him again. What Superman does best is Inspire and this comic did just that.  
I also enjoyed the Christmas connection as this comic was released a day over one full month till Christmas.
Cheers and have a Merry Christmas.
 - Silkcuts


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