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Doctor Sivana attacks Metropolis, piloting a giant robot. Superman confronts Doctor Sivana. After a short battle, Superman destroys Doctor Sivana's robot. Still piloting the head, Doctor Sivana attempts to flee the scene. Superman pursues Doctor Sivana, but turns back when he hears the cries of innocent bystanders, still imperiled by the city destruction wrought by Doctor Sivana. Crossing the dimensional barrier between Earth-1 and Earth-S, Doctor Sivana returns to the Rock Of Eternity, where he has incapacitated the wizard, Shazam. After setting up his equipment, Doctor Sivana draws Captain Marvel out, by threatening to destroy several cities, starting with Fawcett City. As soon as Billy Batson says the magic word that transforms him into Captain Marvel, Doctor Sivana siphons half of the magic lightning into himself.

Thus, when Captain Marvel rushes to engage his arch-nemesis, he finds Doctor Sivana wielding the same powers. Though a physical match for Captain Marvel, Doctor Sivana largely defeats his old foe by convincing Captain Marvel that he can. Captain Marvel is led to believe that he no longer possess the best attributes of his mentors, but their worst. Watching the fight from the street, Mary Batson and Freddie Freeman speak their own magic words, transforming into Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. Doctor Sivana carries Captain Marvel to the Rock of Eternity, and entombs him at the Rock's base. Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. confront Doctor Sivana. Quickly realizing that each junior member of the Marvel Family is equal to him in power, Doctor Sivana flees.

Mary Marvel travels into the past, while Captain Marvel, Jr. travels into the future, in search of Doctor Sivana. In reality, Doctor Sivana has merely tricked them in to thinking he fled through time. Believing that Superman is the only hero left mighty enough to oppose him, Doctor Sivana crosses the dimension between worlds, once more, to destroy Superman. Doctor Sivana, though, journeys to Earth-2, by mistake, and instead faces off against the Golden Age Superman. The older Superman is not as formidable as his younger counterpart, and thus loses very quickly to Doctor Sivana. Carried into space by Doctor Sivana, the Golden Age Superman is left to die, marooned on a Kryptonite meteor.

On Earth-1, Clark Kent and Lana Lang are about to go on the air, for the evening news, when Doctor Sivana crashes into the studio. Kent dives in front of Lang, taking a blow to the head from flying debris. Kent is carried out of the studio, but returns, as Superman. Doctor Sivana finds the younger Superman a much more formidable foe, and must resort to ambushing Superman with a train car full of Kryptonite, to achieve victory. With the Man of Steel suitably weakened, Doctor Sivana proceeds to beat the living daylights out of him. Forced to watch his friend's brutal beating, Captain Marvel valiantly tries to escape from the Rock of Eternity. Only after the six deities, that share their power with him, convince him that his powerlessness is all in his head, does Captain Marvel find the strength to free himself.

Captain Marvel comes to Superman's rescue, then sends the Man of Steel to Earth-2, to rescue his counterpart. Superman destroys a meteor, on a collision course with the meteor his counterpart is dying on. The impact knocks the Earth-2 Superman off the Kryptonite meteor. Captain Marvel hits Doctor Sivana so hard that the shockwave revives the wizard, Shazam. The wizard reclaims the magic lightning from Doctor Sivana, reverting him back to a normal man. The Supermen, as well as Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. arrive to find Doctor Sivana defeated. Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. carry Doctor Sivana back to Earth-S, for incarceration. The Supermen take their leave of Captain Marvel, returning to their own respective Metropolises.


  • Story by Roy Thomas, assisted by Julius Schwartz and Gil Kane and scripted by Joey Cavalieri.

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