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The Blue Devil is on patrol in Metropolis. Suddenly, he spies Superman preparing to engage the Terra-Man. The Terra-Man has pulled a large meteor down from space, and is dropping it on Metropolis. Unable to scan the meteor with his X-ray vision, Superman is forced to err on the side of caution, allowing the meteor to impact with his own invulnerable body, driving him to the street. The Blue Devil leaps onto the back of the Terra-Man's flying steed. The Terra-Man directs Superman to use his telescopic vision to peer into deep space. The peril Superman sees forces him to immediately depart the Earth, leaving the Blue Devil charged with protecting Metropolis from the Terra-Man. The Blue Devil finds he has his hands full when the Terra-Man summons the rest of his alien gang. Superman races to intercept a comet on a direct collision course with the Earth. He finds the comet protected by some kind of energy field. As Superman moves in to intercept the comet, he is ambushed by more of the Terra-Man's alien gang. Beaten down by the Terra-Man's gang, the Blue Devil awakes to find his head buried in wet concrete. Extricating himself, he sees the Terra-Man, and his gang, running amok in Metropolis, causing massive property damage. Swinging a girder, the Blue Devil takes out one of the Terra-Man's gang, before engaging directly with the Terra-Man, himself. The Terra-Man smothers the Blue Devil in smoke blown from his cheroot. The Blue Devil uses explosive bubbles to dissipate the smoke, only to find expanding buzz saw spurs heading his way. The Blue Devil doges the spurs, which cut open the meteor, left behind on the street, by Superman.

Inside the meteor is a strange alien beacon, smuggled to Earth by the Terra-Man. Superman uses his heat vision to defend himself from the Terra-Man's gang. In short order, Superman finds himself trapped within a plasma cocoon, as the Terra-Man's gang open a warp in space to Earth. The Terra-Man launches rocket-powered horseshoes at the Blue Devil, who first catches them with his trident, then flings them at another member of the Terra Man's gang, taking him out. The rest of the Terra-Man's gang comes to Earth through the space warp. The beacon's resemblance to an old railroad switch tips the Blue Devil off to the Terra-Man's horrific scheme. The comet is revealed to be an alien space train, drawn to Metropolis, by the beacon. The Terra-Man intends to rob the train, after it impacts with Metropolis. The Blue Devil tries to change the train's course by flipping the switch, but is not strong enough to do so. Hurling his trident into the space warp, the Blue Devil hopes that it can, somehow, bring Superman back to Metropolis, in the nick of time. Superman is able to catch the trident, and ride it back to the Blue Devil, through the space warp. Superman arrives to find the Blue Devil pinned down by the Terra-Man's gang. Superman takes out the Terra-Man's gang, flips the switch and diverts the train away from Metropolis. The crisis averted, the Blue Devil beats down the Terra-Man. The two heroes part company, leaving Metropolis' sanitation department the unenviable task of dealing with the alien beacon.

"The Deputy!" written by Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn, penciled by Joe Staton, inked by Kurt Schaffenberger, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Gaspar.

"Secret of the Temple" written by Joe Orlando, scripted and edited by Joey Cavalieri, penciled by Jose Delbo, inked by Pablo Marcos, colored by Shelley Eiber and lettered by Augustin Mas.

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