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The Volt Lord breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs, and steals a piece of technology. Despite Superman's best efforts, the Volt Lord overpowers the Man of Steel, and escapes. Superman makes his way to the Galaxy Broadcasting Building, and, as Clark Kent, goes on the air. Kent conducts an interview with Harbinger, Lady Quark, and Pariah, for Eric Courtney's program, "Spotlight on People". The three heroes are on a world tour, studying paranormal phenomena and meta-humans. The broadcast is interrupted by a momentary blackout. Afterwards, Courtney uses his charms to entice Lady Quark out on a date. Kent accompanies Harbinger and Pariah to dinner. After their date, Lady Quark ponders her future on this new world, so like, yet unlike, the world she lost. Courtney, too, ponders his future, one of power and conquest, as the Volt Lord. The Volt Lord is also on Superman's mind, as he rescues a small dog trapped on a rooftop. Drawn by looming peril, Pariah leads Harbinger and Lady Quark to Plum Electronics, where the Volt Lord strikes again. Despite their best efforts, the Volt Lord bests them all, and completes his theft.

Superman arrives to put out the fires, then escorts the trio of heroes back to their hotel. Investigating the Volt Lord's thefts further, the Man of Steel learns the the Volt Lord is taking technology designed to channel and control electrical energy. Lady Quark agrees to a second date with Courtney, while Harbinger and Pariah go out on the town together. Lady Quark, quickly growing close with Courtney, reveals her true name to him. The Volt Lord strikes next at Metropolis Power & Light. Absorbing all the city's power, Volt Lord plunges Metropolis into darkness. While Superman and Pariah handle damage control in Metropolis, Lady Quark and Harbinger head to Metropolis Power & Light to confront the Volt Lord. Once more Harbinger proves to be no match for the Volt Lord. Realizing that the Volt Lord is really Courtney, Lady Quark switches her allegiances, and sides with the her newfound love. However, when the Volt Lord blasts Harbinger and Superman out of the sky, Lady Quark is reminded of her husband and daughter, the heroic Lord Volt and Liana. Lady Quark turns on the Volt Lord, blasting him from the sky. Lady Quark sees Courtney for who he truly is, and ceases to see Courtney's similarities to her husband, Karak. Lady Quark, finally, puts her past behind her, and embraces her future.

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