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  1. Cover by Keith Giffen and Dick Giordano.
  2. "Prophecy of the Demon-Plague!" written by Steve Englehart, penciled by Keith Giffen, inked by Karl Kesel, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Albert De Guzman.

As a result of a crisis of infinite proportions, entire planets have been pulled from their orbits, including Earth's moon. After working out the proper calculations in his Fortress of Solitude, Superman moves the moon back into it's proper orbit around the Earth. As the populace of the planet begins to panic, reporter Jack Ryder throws fuel on the fire by broadcasting interviews with "End of The World" prophets. Network News bigwigs ask Clark Kent to reign in Ryder's sensationalism. Ryder is not receptive to Kent's advice. As soon as Kent departs, Ryder exits into the night, as the Creeper. Spying a robbery/assault on the street, the Creeper intervenes. One of Ryder's "End of The World" prophets wanders into an abandoned aqueduct, and sees glowing runes on the walls. Placing his hands on the runes, the man is enticed into summoning a demon, which takes possession of him. Re-encountering the "prophet", Ryder offers the man a spot as a regular commentator on Ryder's broadcasts. Back in Metropolis, Perry White offers Kent his heartfelt admiration for the kind of reporter Kent has become. Ryder puts the "prophet" on the air. The demon's words, spoken through the voice of the "prophet", entrance all who have tuned into the show, including Kent. Only through a herculean act of will is Kent able to resist the demon's commands. Kent, as Superman, flies to Ryder's broadcast studio, and destroys the station's transmitter. The demon overwhelms Superman with it's mystic might. Ryder enters the fray, as the Creeper. Superman and the Creeper track the demon back to the aqueduct, where it is using the souls of Ryder's audience to free more of it's kind. Superman leads the attack on the demon, only to fall prey to it's mental domination. It's attempts to take command of the Creeper's psyche, though, don't come as easily. The chaotic nature of the Creeper's mind keeps the demon from gaining a foothold. By focusing on the struggle to overwhelm the Creeper, the demon loses it's hold on Superman, allowing the Man of Steel to deliver the deathblow.

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