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Adam and Alanna Strange are enjoying an idyllic picnic, on Rann, when the ground begins to shake. In the distance, the city of Ranagar falls to the violent seismic activity. As the two lovers ascend to the sky, Rann itself begins to crumble, until it is no more. The entire tableau has been a recurring nightmare for Alanna. During these nightmares, Alanna can be heard speaking the long dead tongue of Krypton. Strange instructs Alanna's father, Sardath, to send a Zeta Beam to Earth, to bring Superman to Rann. On Earth, two Soviet fighter jets are in pursuit of a mysterious flying egg, as it passes over Soviet airspace. Tasked with destroying the egg, the fighters fire on it. For a fleeting moment, the pilots seem to glimpse Superman in the center of the explosion, but the image fades away.

In truth, Superman has just been transported to Rann, via Zeta Beam. There he meets first with Strange, then Sardath and Alanna. Superman finds Alanna's behavior towards him to be overly familiar. Alanna speaks to Superman in Kryptonese, and the Man of Steel is horrified by her words. Suddenly, Alanna undergoes a horrific change, as she transforms into Zazura, a space-succubus that once preyed on Krypton's early astronauts. Zazura sets Strange on fire, then casually tosses his body to the ground. Superman catches the falling Strange, blowing out the flames with his super-breath. Superman relays the legend of Zazura to Strange, revealing her sole weakness, a crystalline ore, created by Krypton's Fire Falls.

Sardath discovers that, due to the motion of the cosmos, Rann is passing through the same sector of space once inhabited by Krypton. A sudden earthquake rocks Ranagar. Suspecting Zazura's involvement, Superman immediately flies off to investigate. Strange, and Sardath, track the quake's epicenter to an abandoned Magma Mine, in the Rytala Valley. Superman is already there, caught in a vortex that drags him down to the planet's core. Strange catches a crimson glint coming off an antenna in Sardath's lab. Sardath explains that his atmos-gauges had detected microscopic crimson particles, in the billions, in Rann's atmosphere, as soon as they entered Krypton's space. The antenna has been extracting the particles from the air. Strange reasons that if Zazura survived Krypton's destruction, so, too, has her weakness.

Strange flies out to the Rytala Valley, penetrates the vortex and gains access to the Magma Mine's entrance. There, Strange finds Superman,hovering over the ground, in an energy cocoon, as well as Zazura. Using Alanna's geologic knowledge of Rann, Zazura plans to artificially create the conditions, on Rann, that destroyed Krypton. The resultant planetary destruction will yield billions of souls for Zazura to feast upon. Strange blasts Zazura with a sampling of the Fire Fall crystals. The pain of exposure drives Zazura from Alanna's body, while also releasing her hold on Superman. The Man of Steel carries the full canister of crystals into the heart of Zazura, destroying her in a spectacular explosion. As Alanna revives, Superman speeds off into the heavens. There he communes with the collective dead spirits of Krypton, who impart a final, heartfelt, farewell to Krypton's last surviving son.

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