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Rokk and Sorban, a pair of Venturans, return to Earth to place a wager. In the skies over Metropolis, Superman battles his newest adversary, the Erg-Master. With his ability to draw energy from any source, and protected by a shield of said energy, the Erg-Master proves a most formidable foe indeed. Superman's mightiest blows are completely ineffectual. In desperation, Superman begins blasting the Erg-Master with his heat vision. A huge mistake, as the Erg-Master absorbs and redirects Superman's heat vision back into his eyes, blinding him. Superman falls from the sky, crashing into a parked tractor trailer. Before he can fully recover, Superman is irresistibly compelled to change to his civilian identity, Clark Kent. Moving faster than the eye can see to protect his secret identity, Superman finishes changing into his civilian attire, then races to the Galaxy Broadcasting Building. The Erg-Master lays waste to the tractor trailer. When he can find no sign of Superman in the wreckage, the Erg-Master believes that Superman has turned coward and run out on the fight. Kent finds that, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot bring himself to put his Superman costume back on. Kent goes on the air, with Lana Lang, to interview Prince Hudarri of Tunya, a powerful oil baron.

In the midst of the interview, Kent is overwhelmed by the compulsion to switch into his Superman costume. Bolting out of the room, Kent exits the Galaxy Broadcasting Building, as Superman. Lang attempts to finish the interview, but Hudarri, furious over Kent's show of disrespect, gets up and exits the studio. Hudarri, and Lang, run into Kent, in the hallway. Kent is perplexed at their mutual animosity towards him. Returning to the scene of his battle with the Erg-Master, Superman sees that the police have the Erg-Master in custody. A local reporter shows Superman his exclusive footage of Superman defeating the Erg-Master. Superman watches himself on the monitor, as he coats the Erg-Master in negatively charged carbon soot. The soot shorts out the Erg-Master's suit, defeating the villain. Despite the evidence before his eyes, Superman has no recollection of ending the fight with the Erg-Master. As he takes to the sky, Superman again feels the irresistible compulsion to resume his Clark Kent identity. Returning to the Galaxy Broadcasting Building, Kent apologizes to Lang for running out on the Hudarri interview. To Kent's surprise, Lang states that she has already accepted his apology. Lang prepares to go on the air to interview Superman. Upon arrival, the Man of Steel is stunned to find himself face-to-face with Kent.

Both men uses their various vision powers to scan the other, determining that they are, in fact, the same man. After the interview, Superman and Kent head off together to discuss the situation. With Superman carrying Kent to maintain the secret of their dual identity, they return to the scene of their fight with the Erg-Master. Scanning the skies with their various vision powers, they discover a strange energy signature, radiating from a dead zone in space. Entering the dead zone, they are attacked by an armada of robot drones. Fighting their way through the drones, Superman and Kent discover the Venturan starship, and punch their way through the hull. The Venturans reveal that they split Superman in two, to wager on which personality would solve the mystery of the split first. The Venturans refuse to reverse the split until their wager has been resolved. Kent threatens to murder Rokk unless he reverses the process. Kent bluffs that the process didn't duplicate Superman exactly, and that he, Kent, doesn't share the same morality. In terror for his life, Rokk reveals the machine which duplicated Superman. The Man of Steel argues that neither Venturan won the bet. Regardless of whether or not he solved the mystery as Clark Kent or Superman, as they're the same man, the point is rather moot. Superman and Kent destroy the Venturans device. Once Kent has folded back into Superman, the Man of Steel strongly advises the Venturans to return to Ventura.

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