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Arion, Lord of Atlantis, is transported, in dramatic fashion, thousands of years into the future, arriving in present day Metropolis. Disoriented by his surroundings, Arion lashes out at Superman, who has arrived to investigate the phenomena surrounding Arion's arrival. Before Arion can do any real damage to the citizens, or property, of Metropolis, Superman carries the ancient mage away. Hearing commonalities in Arion's speech to the Atlantean language of Aquaman, Superman is able to communicate with Arion, though in a very limited way. Arion enchants two earrings. As long as both he and Superman each wear one of the earrings, they are able to communicate freely with one another. Another enchantment transmutes an aluminum soda can into solid gold, which Arion offers in payment to the street vendor selling the earrings. With Superman cannily ducking Arion's questions regarding present day Atlantis, Arion explains how he came to be in Superman's time. Arion, Lady Chian, Mara and Wyynde had been in combat with the demon, Chaon. Though Arion had managed to run Chaon through with his sword, the demon suffered no harm. Lady Chian's weapon proved no more effective. After stunning Arion, Choan imprisoned Lady Chian, Mara, and Wyynde within the floor. A coming eclipse brought with it an opportunity for Chaon to unleash darkness and chaos across the world. Arion rallied to oppose Chaon, and found himself hurled into the future. By no coincidence, an eclipse is scheduled to fall over Metropolis. Clearly the two celestial events are connected, which drew Arion to this particular time and place in the present.

Superman carries Arion back through the time barrier. As they approach Arion's time, they are blocked by demonic creatures. As Superman is extremely vulnerable to the demon's magics, the Man of Steel turns back. Returned to Metropolis, Superman reluctantly agrees to carry Arion to the present day ruins of Arion's Atlantis. Arion guides the Man of Steel to one sunken tower in particular. Entering they find that ancient magics have kept the sea at bay. The interior of the tower is bone dry. Arion summons the ghost of his father, Caculha, with the last shard of an ancient crystal. Caculha bids Arion to grasp the crystal , so that his mystic powers can flow into his son. The demons from the time stream breech the tower. While Superman holds them off, Arion mystically opens a portal. Arion and Superman travel through the portal into Darkworld, a Hellish realm that allows them to circumvent Chaon's barriers in the time stream. Reaching Arion's time, Superman and Arion attack Chaon. Arion forces Chaon back onto the demon's pentagram, while Superman blocks the light of the eclipsed moon from illuminating the pentagram. As Chaon is consumed by the very cosmic forces he tried to unleash, Superman is hurled back through Arion's portal, returning to present day Metropolis. With Superman back in the present, Arion loses all memory of his adventures in his future.

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