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Hawkman and Hawkwoman respond to a distress signal, sent from a space station. The message is a single word, "Kal-El", Superman's Kryptonian name. While Hawkwoman stays onboard their ship, to transmit a message to Superman, Hawkman boards the space station. The Winged Wonder finds five Orgons standing over the prone body of Var-El, Superman's Great -Grandfather. Hawkman hurls himself into the fray, quickly disarming the Orgons, before savagely beating them with a studded mace. Hawkman has all but won the fight, when he is struck down from behind. The last standing Orgon boards Hawkman's starship, beats down Hawkwoman, then throws her unconscious body out the airlock. In Metropolis, newsman Clark Kent is conducting an interview, when he receives a telepathic cry for help from Var-El. Hawkman recovers to finds the Orgons gone. Spying Hawkwoman's drifting body in space, Hawkman rescues Hawkwoman, and brings her back aboard his ship. There, he finds Superman waiting for him. Superman and Hawkman locate the Orgon on the bridge of Hawkman's ship. The Orgon is wearing the absorbascon. Superman quickly removes the device from the Orgon's head. The Orgon attacks Superman with an omni-wave accelerator, to no avail. With Superman continuing to close on him, the Orgon uses sub-molecular deconstruction to teleport away. Superman, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman return to the space station to tend to Var-El. Superman recounts his first meeting with the Orgon race, in an adventure he shared with the Atom.

Despite the Orgon's brief exposure to the absorbascon's power, he has gained the ability to conceive of radical new technologies in an instant. Said concepts can be brought into reality by his newfound ability to restructure free-floating atoms. Thus, the Organ is able to manifest an entire fleet of ships out of empty space, an armada he steers towards Thanagar, to plunder that planet's surplus of absorbascons. While tending to Var-El's injuries, Hawkman receives a distress call from his home world, Thanagar. The Orgon's fleet has arrived, and the planet is under attack. Hawkman, Hawkwoman and Superman arrive on Thanagar, and engage the Orgon's armada. After discovering that the Orgon's ships are all unmanned drones, Superman holds nothing back in destroying them. Superman calls out the Orgon, challenging him into revealing his command ship, and himself. The Orgon blasts Superman with concentrated red sun solar radiation. Upon recovering, Var-El spies his Great-Grandson's dire peril. Operating at super-speed, Var-El sets a plan in motion to thwart the Orgon. With his powers erased by exposure to the red sun radiation, Superman borrows Hawkman's wings and a laser rifle. Superman flies up to the Orgon's command ship, and blasts his way through the hull. The weapon's charge spent, Superman finds that he's defenseless in the face of the Orgon's own weapon. Var-El slams into the command ship, throwing off the Orgon's aim. Var-El grabs the Orgon, and flies into space. Superman tries to pursue, but finds that the speed of Hawkman's wings is no match for a Kryptonian's. With his telescopic vision, Superman watches as Var-El creates a perfect vacuum in space. Within the vacuum there are no free-floating atoms for the Orgon to manipulate. The only atoms available for the Orgon to use to fashion weapons are his own, and Var-El's. When the Orgon attempts to generate a weapon of mass destruction, he disintegrates himself, along with Var-el.

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