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Carnelian travels to Earth, with Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, hot on his heels. Upon arriving on Earth, Amethyst reverts to her human identity, that of young Amy Winston. Recognizing her immediate surroundings as that of the city of Metropolis, Winston uses her amethyst gemstone to open a warp in space, to attract the attention of Superman. The Man of Steel meets with Winston, who reveals her history as the Princess of Gemworld. Not in possession of her magic powers while on Earth, Winston needs Superman's help in locating and defeating Carnelian. At that moment, Carnelian, who has also reverted to a younger version of himself, is looking to purchase a new hand, from the Skulls, a criminal organization dedicated to taking down Superman. The Skulls attempt to just take Carnelian's gemstones, ordering an armored warrior to attend to the task. Carnelian counters with his own bodyguard, a monstrous creature possessing mystic powers. Once Carnelian's demon has savagely dispensed with the Skulls' man, their leader is more inclined to give Carnelian what he wants. Along with a new hand, Carnelian also takes a Kryptonite Gemstone, the better to deal with any possible intervention from Superman. The moment Carnelian comes into contact with the Kryptonite, he returns to adulthood, while also gaining mystic powers. Superman makes one final scan of the city, with his various vision powers, to locate Carnelian.

Carnelian steps through a mystic portal behind Winston, intent on abducting her. Hearing her cries of distress, Superman doubles back, and belts Carnelian. Winston is surprised by Carnelian's newfound magic powers. Carnelian blasts Superman with mystic fire. Winston tells the Man of Steel to block the flames with his cape, as he can only burn him if it comes in contact with his skin. Carnelian's demonic assistant tends to Winston, while Carnelian reveals the Kryptonite to Superman, felling him. With Superman defeated, Carnelian throws him off the roof of the Galaxy Broadcasting building. Carnelian carries Winston back to the Gemworld as his prisoner. Before she goes through the portal, she throws her magic amethyst down to Superman. The Man of Steel uses the amethyst to open another portal to Gemworld. Superman arrives in Castle Amethyst, where he is detained by Amethyst's chief advisor, Citrina. The arrival of Carnelian in Gemworld disrupts the very magics of the world, drawing the ire of Dark Opal. Winston, upon returning to Gemworld, again became Amethyst, and immediately escaped from Carnelian's grasp. Her freedom is short lived, as Carnelian catches up to her, and ensnares her with animated flora. The sudden appearance of Superman, however, turns the tide. Carnelian, once again, fells Superman with the kryptonite gemstone. This time, however, Superman's defeat is merely a ruse, allowing the Man of Steel to get close enough to attack Carnelian.

Citrina's sorcery has allowed for Superman's trickery. Carnelian's Kryptonite gemstone has, somehow, absorbed the magic of Gemworld, giving him his enormous magical powers. A scan with his microscopic vision reveals to Superman that the magic absorption has made the Kryptonite dangerously unstable. To keep Carnelian off balance, Superman uses his powers to generate the effects of an earthquake. Amethyst follows Superman's seismic assault by trying to run Carnelian down with a fire truck. Superman punches Carnelian's demonic aide into the horizon. Dark Opal arrives, conjuring a creature from the very storm clouds to attack Superman. Distracted by Dark Opal's attack on Superman, Amethyst is ambushed from behind by Carnelian. Dark Opal wrests the Kryptonite gemstone from Carnelian, giving Amethyst the time to rescue Superman. Amethyst creates an illusion of Superman that draws Dark Opal's mystic fury. The real Superman, traveling at super-speed, flies down and snatches the Kryptonite gemstone from Dark Opal's hand. Protecting Superman from the Kryptonite with her magic, Amethyst opens a portal back to Earth. Superman makes it back to Metropolis just as the Kryptonite gemstone goes critical and explodes. A strange creature approaches Superman, then transforms into a bouquet of flowers. A message from Amethyst letting the Man of Steel know that she's alright.

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