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Superman blocks a stream of super heated plasma from striking the Galaxy Broadcasting building. After gathering the remaining embers in his indestructible cape, Superman flies into space to investigate. Unbeknownst to Superman, sinister eyes are watching him. Power Girl witnesses a stream of super heated energy being draw through a warp in space, over top the Metropower Electrical Plant. Using her great strength to halt the spinning of the plant's turbines cuts the stream off from it's source. Unbeknownst to Power Girl, she, too, is being observed by sinister eyes. Superman backtracks the plasma stream to it's likely origin point in space, but can find no evidence of it. Suddenly, a swarm of meteors changes course, gathering speed as it turns towards Earth. Superman begins powdering the meteors with blow after mighty blow. Power Girl is leaping tall buildings with a single bound, when she slams headlong into an invisible barrier. Dropping to the ground, she hears the unmistakable sound of an airplane crashing into that same barrier. As the meteor swarm threatens to overwhelm Superman, he suddenly disappears. Power Girl catches the falling plane. As she sets it safely on the ground, she, too disappears. In another dimension, on a planet called Blimaar, Maaldor, the Dark Lord, is seconds away from completing his takeover of the world. Maaldor cuts down the last of the opposition, before running the King of Blimaar through with his sword. With the fall of Blimaar, Maaldor lays claim to the entirety of the universe as his kingdom. Maaldor's epic accomplishment, though, has done nothing to alleviate his great boredom. To an immortal, the few thousand years it took to conquer an entire universe was merely a distraction. Maaldor hungers for a true challenge.

To that end, he wrests Superman and Power Girl from their respective dimensions, and brings them before him. Maaldor threatens to extinguish the lives of untold trillions of his subjects, should Superman and Power Girl refuse to fight him. Seeing no choice, they agree to enter into combat with him. Superman and Power Girl suddenly find themselves in an arena. To test the mettle of his challengers, Maaldor unleashes horrific creatures on the two Kryptonians. Superman and Power Girl dispatch the monstrosities with nary any effort. Maaldor enters the arena, and is immediately attacked by Power Girl. Unimpressed with her battle prowess, Maaldor determines her unworthy of continuing in the conflict against him. With a gaze, Maaldor drains the life away from Power Girl. Her death drives the Man of Steel insane with rage. An epic battle begins between Superman and Maaldor, with the Man of Steel holding nothing back. In the end, though, the power of Superman is still no real match for Maaldor. With Superman fallen at his feet, Maaldor raises his sword to drive it through the Man of Steel. Suddenly, a revived Power Girl strikes Maaldor down. Her Kryptonian physiology has proven hardier than Maaldor expected. Working together Superman and Power Girl manage to get Maaldor on the ropes, but can't quite defeat him. Superman challenges Maaldor to take on the one foe he can never defeat... himself. Unafraid, Maaldor turns his mind inward to face the darkness at his very soul. Maaldor is consumed by his own power, collapsing into himself. Maaldor's power then explodes outward, creating a new plane of existence, one that is the embodiment of Maaldor's madness. Superman and Power Girl are quick to seal the dimensional rift, with their heat vision, before this new realm can spill out into their dimension.







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