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Superman takes a moment to greet some local children. On a pay phone behind him, Fred Garmer places a desperate call to Superman's alter-ego, Clark Kent. Once Superman departs, an assassin's bullet just misses Garmer, who flees. Garmer makes it back to his hotel, before he is shot dead. The gunfire attracts the attention of another guest at the hotel, the Green Arrow. The Emerald Archer brings down the first killer with a bolo arrow, then takes off in pursuit of the second. Scaling the hotel with an arrow cast line, the Green Arrow catches up with the second killer on the roof, and beats him into unconsciousness. Checking on the victim, the Green Arrow is on hand as Garmer breathes his last. His dying words indicate that the tycoon, Bo Force, is involved in Garmer's murder. The Green Arrow contacts the local authorities, then begins his investigation into Garmer's murder. Superman assists a pair of aged motorists mend a blown tire. Miles away, Bo Force is breaking in his new secretary. Force shows off his greatest asset, Thor Geyser. Force's scientists have discovered that the water from Thor Geyser can be used to fuel any automobile. Unfortunately, the water's chemical composition is extremely volatile, routinely bursting into flames. Force considers the problem to be a minor setback. The Green Arrow, in his alter-ego of reporter Oliver Queen, arrives at the south gate of Force's property, to interview Force. Instead, Force's guards beat Queen down, before forcibly ousting him from the property.

Back in Metropolis, Superman, in his guise as Clark Kent, is preparing to depart for a movie, with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, when he hears the message Garmer left on his answering machine. Kent declines the movie, in order to investigate. Green Arrow rents a plane to scout out Force's property. The plane is brought down by anti-aircraft rockets. The Green Arrow parachutes to safety, taking out Force's gunsels as he descends to the Earth. Re-Encountering the guard who beat him earlier, the Green Arrow relishes taking his revenge. Force shows up with reinforcements, and while the Green Arrow fights back valiantly, he is overwhelmed by their numbers. Superman encounters the Green Arrow's plane as it plummets towards a farmhouse. Superman destroys the plane with one mighty blow. The Green Arrow awakes to find himself bound, on a platform, directly over Thor Geyser. The Green Arrow gets Force to reveal his plans to barter his new energy source for a run at the White House. Thor Geyser erupts, but instead of boiling the Green Arrow alive, he finds himself carried up on a plume of ice. Superman has frozen the geyser with his super-cold breath. Force hoses Superman down with the water from Thor Geyser. The spray ignites, but the flames pose no real threat to Superman. Suddenly, the ground begins to tremble. Superman follows the tremors into a nearby town, where Thor Geyser suddenly erupts in the middle of the street. After plugging the hole with a sheared off mountain top, Superman attends to the fireball created by the explosive water. Flying around it at super-speed, Superman creates a vortex which carries the burning water into space. Force draws on the Green Arrow, but the Emerald Archer plugs Force's gun barrels with arrows. Superman reports that the final eruption was Thor Geyser's last. The underground stream that fed it is spent. Force is then taken into custody.


  • Bolo Arrow used.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "The Borrower".
  • "DC Puzzle" a word search puzzle containing characters who were featured in Detective Comics and "Ask the Answer Man!" one page by Bob Rozakis.

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