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Caleb Gurk witnesses an old Victorian mansion appear from nothingness in the desert. Six months later, Gurk is throwing a celebrity bash to show-off his newfound wealth. Among the celebrities in attendance are reporter Clark Kent, and former congresswoman Barbara Gordon. As the partygoers head indoors, the helicopter pilot who delivered them suddenly veers his craft down towards the mansion. Kent switches to his guise of Superman and stops the helicopter, setting it gently on the ground. The pilot states that he was overcome with the sudden urge to kill everyone. Gordon, too, feels off. Gurk invites everyone in to dinner, as Kent makes his reappearance. Gurk shows off a strange obelisk in the center of one room. Kent scans it with his x-ray vision, but can perceive nothing, Suddenly, an argument between one partygoer and the helicopter pilot turns to violence. Before Gurk can break up the fight, the helicopter pilot is grievously injured. Kent, again in his guise as Superman, appears to fly the pilot to the nearest hospital. Gurk sits down to dinner with his guests. When the wine in the glasses turns out to be blood, one of the partygoers attacks Gurk, and begins strangling him. Gordon breaks up the altercation, but not without noticing the savage glee on the faces of the other partygoers, as Gurk was being throttled. Gordon retires to her room for the night, then puts on her Batgirl costume.

Gurk's scream brings Batgirl running back to the dining hall. All the partygoers have become frenzied, and are out for Gurk's blood. Batgirl fights her way to Gurk's side. Using one of the tables as a barricade, Batgirl gets Gurk out of the dining hall, and then up the stairs. In a second floor chamber, Batgirl locks the heavy oak door behind them, while suppressing the sudden urge to kill Gurk. Soon the sounds of crazed partygoers beating on the door fill the room. Superman returns to the mansion, only to find no sign of it. After a quick trip to the Earth's core turns up no sign of the mansion, Superman scans for it with his infra-red vision. A shimmering form appears before Superman. Superman flies inside, only to be greeted by Doctor Horus, a hawk-headed Victorian era scientist. Horus' experiments terrified his neighbors, who, in protest, sealed him within his home. Horus survived by placing himself in suspended animation, drawing both the house and himself into his own mind. Six months ago, Horus returned to Earth, but, upon not liking what he saw, he drew back into his mind. Not fully comprehending his strange powers, Horus was not able to completely exit Earth's plane of reality. Superman heads for the mansion, with Horus raining lightning bolts down upon him the entire way. Superman rescues Batgirl and Gurk from the blood lusted mob. Returning to the obelisk, Superman tears it open, releasing Doctor Horus. Superman demands Horus release the partygoers, and the house, from his control. Horus complies, vanishing once the deed has been done. Superman, too, takes the opportunity to disappear, and make his reappearance as Kent.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman in "Batman and Professor Plutonium".

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