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The DC-17 weapon system was the stanmdard weapon givent he Clone Commando units during the Clone Wars. the weapon was favored due to its high vesatility vs the little added equipment given to the actual Commando. With the 5 know attachments added to the DC-17 it made the weapon probably the most advanced personal blaster from the Clone Wars all the way till at least the end of the Galactic Civil War.

Usage: Blaster Attachement - The standard barrel and the most favored of the forms of this weapon. The DC-17 blaster attachment made this weapon into a light repeating blastercapable of mowing down Battle Droids with ease. The only know complaint from Commandos was that the clip was located on the left side of the blaster.

Sniper Attachment - The long range option for Clone Commandos, the sniper barrel was obviously favored for longe range sniping and assassinations. Not a standard longe range blaster the sniper attachment was loaded with projectiles incased in and energy blast. The concept was taken from the Wookie Bowcaster.

Anti-Armor Attachment - The standard attachment for dealing with more heavliy armored targets such as B2 Battle droids or IG Magnaguards. The barrel held one explosive round per shot. The typical favorite of the demolitions expert.

PEP Atachment - the nonlethal attachment, PEP(Pulsed Energy Projectile) was used to stun targets into submission without causing any permanent harm. The weapon casued large amounts of brusing and the flash was very diorienting. The PEP was describes being flash banged while being hit by several slugs of ammo at once.

Rapid Entry Attachment - Another anti-armor barrel, this one allowed for multiple rounds to be fired one right after the other. THis was msotly used to making breaching doors and enemy strongholds easier as you could fire a round to open the door and a second to clear any enemey units. Oftyen described as being unwieldy and blunt by the Clone Commandos.

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