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Dazzler was the uncle of X-Men member Angel. Dazzler had been using his brother's fortune to secretly fund illegal diamond smuggling. When he had been discovered by his brother, he had his thugs murder him. Angel sought to avenger his father's murder, but Dazzler kidnapped Candy Southern and forced him to unmask. Upon realizing that Angel was none other than his own nephew, he too unmasked. In the ensuing battle, Dazzler suffered a great fall, and was presumed dead.

He survived however, and hatched another plan. This time he plotted to marry Angel's mother, Kathryn, so he could access the family fortune once again. He had her secretly poisoned so that she would perish shortly after their wedding. Angel, along with the X-Men magaged to defeat him, but it was too late to save his mother. Burt and his accomplice, the mutant hating Doctor Stuart, were taken into custody.

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