What do you think of Dazzler's new look?

Posted by G-Man (39045 posts) 10 months, 15 days ago

Poll: What do you think of Dazzler's new look? (117 votes)

I love it! 9%
I don't love it! 54%
Either is fine with me. 15%
I don't like either. Bring back Disco Dazzler! 22%

You've probably heard Dazzler is getting a new look. She's a little angry after getting kidnapped by Mystique and used to produce Mutant Growth Hormone drugs to sell. Kris Anka designed and posted the new look on his Tumblr.

New Look:

Recent Look:

Disco Dazzler:

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I don't like any of them but the most recent white one was most bearable.

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Her mutant liaison outfit (most recent one) was sleek and functional. This redesign looks like a 90's rebelling teenager.

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I think they're trying too hard with this one.

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I don't like the new one, it looks like Mystique or a brainwash Mortis

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Ok, that is horrible. The worst. Is she becoming a villain? She needs an update, a modern adventurer look, not this. Is she going to be in a horror book? The character has redeeming qualities, and does not not deserve this crap treatment.

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I'm good with either

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She should really have kept her X-treme X-men outfit:

Now, THAT was a badass look...

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a completely awful redesign. who approved that garbage?

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Mystique is really pushing it. How has someone not killed her already?

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Classic = Breasts

Recent = Hair and Face

New One = Legs.

That is what I took from this.

EDIT: Also why would she dye her hair black?

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both are awesome no disco thought

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Wait so is her costume generally torn and damaged like that or is she really bad at sewing?

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Bring back Disco Dazzler! Ya'know, just cause.

@tommythehitman said:

"Wait so is her costume generally torn and damaged like that or is she really bad at sewing?"

That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. This is almost as impractical as Huntress's New 52 look!!

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First she was groovy disco Dazzler, now she's grunge Dazzler, I hope next she's early 2000's white girl rapper Dazzler (actually I'd want the recent look back)

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I have to say, that new design just isn't working. I liked the first two. If they have to make a change, why not take elements from the first two and just add make that outfit black? Don't make Dazzler gothic. They made Magneto darker, and he doesn't look gothic, they just inverted his color scheme.

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The funny thing is reading Anka's design process for the costume, he said that he wanted to design Dazzler in a costume that is easy to cosplay. How is this easy to cosplay?

I get that we're about to go through a gritty Dazzler arc (my favorite character arcs :| ) but she doesn't have to turn into a punk stereotype that went out of fashion 10 years ago, I expected this type of tomfoolery from Dan DiDio.

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She should really have kept her X-treme X-men outfit:

Now, THAT was a badass look...

I agree. Her X-treme X-men look is much better.

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How is this easy to cosplay?

Because at its base it's pretty simple. Chunky boots, black skirt, sweater, studded bracelets and belt. Get some applique or something to make the star, some temporary hair dye (or wig) for the hair and you're set. You could probably walk into a Hot Topic and find the majority of what you'd need to create this costume minus the rips and other minute detailing that you'd have to do yourself.

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I like how it's either "love" or "don't love," not hate.

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I can't say that I'm crazy about this new outfit, but I can kind of see what they're going for. The main thing that's bugging me is that the outfit seems to be inherently ripped up. I get that she's supposed to be angry, but the ripped-up nature of her outfit kind of seems like edginess for the sake of edginess. I do like her turtleneck sweater design of her top, but the fact that there are gaping holes in it bugs me a bit.

I also do like her shorter hair and her face makeup (that's makeup, right, not a tattoo?). The last thing we need is another lady with long blond hair on the team. Most artists have a hard enough time differentiating between Magik and Emma Frost as is, especially out of costume (though, funnily enough, the only time I recall seeing them out of their X-Men costumes was when Kris Anka drew the "Ladies' Night Out" one-shot).

Apart from the holes, though, I think it's a surprisingly impractical design overall, especially coming from Kris Anka, who is known for coming up with practical and functional costume redesigns. The multiple loose belts and the skirt with bare legs don't seem like they would be very helpful in a combat situation, but I obviously haven't seen the new direction in which they'll take her or the role she'll play on the Uncanny team, so for all I know, it could be more than serviceable for her needs. I think I'd be much more into her new look if she had some pants (maybe some black denim capris or something) and if her outfit weren't so tattered, but I'm not in any position to tell anybody how a character should or shouldn't look, so if that's what they deemed an appropriate look for the new direction in which they're taking Dazzler, then more power to them. Then again, everybody on the Uncanny team (barring Kitty Pryde and the Original 5 Minus Young Cyclops) looks pretty ridiculous right now, so she'll most likely fit right in.

I'm interested to see where this goes. Honestly, I'm kind of sick of storytelling in comic books resorting to the whole "bad things happen to heroes and they fly off the handle in the craziest and most over-the-top ways, often times resulting in a drastic change in hair and/or wardrobe" shtick, as if superheroes are completely incapable of being happy and/or well-adjusted adults who don't save multiple worlds on at least a semi-regular basis. But you have to keep things "interesting," I guess. God forbid a status quo lasts longer than a year.

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That new suit is awful. Just awful.
Yep. And they should't kill off or abandon this X-treme X-men....

She should really have kept her X-treme X-men outfit:

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@tommythehitman: Don't you know ? You can't have rebellious angst filled gals without them cutting their hair like punk rock and dying it to black ...the color of their angst filled souls !

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A reminder that Marvel are still capable of making just as asinine decisions and mistakes as DC atm. I'm not even a Dazzler fan but even I can see that new look doesn't fit with the character at all.

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It's like a push towards the Ultimate Dazzler costume. If she had still been a musician in Marvel Now and this was part of a Punk Rock gimmick, I would think it was okay (not great). Considering her character growth as this SHIELD liason and trying to be more serious as a character and distance herself from the disco image, I do not think the punk rock hair and face paint presents a very professional business image. This isn't Dazzler working for SHIELD; this is Dazzler doing a comeback tour.

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@catriona_knightfall: Lol Sorry but the other thread someone summed it up perfectly and you just complimented that point about the redesign .

"Will she now work at Hot Topic?" care of @the_stegman

this costume is nothing but a quick "look we have another female character we want to make a big deal" moment from marvel , same reason Captain Marvel is joining the GOTG !! LOOK LOOK WE WANT THE ATTENTNION !!

They take a character only popular to certain groups and show-horn it in with something topical , Oh look GOTG film is out in a month and Captain Marvel will just so happen to debut next issue of GOTG next month

If these female characters were actually as popular outside their respective groups as their fans would have you beileve they wouldnt need to be pimped out to other books just to get noticed or have drastic redesigns as such

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I haven't really liked any Dazzler design as much as her original look, but at least the S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit was acceptable. If they wanted her to seem powerful, formidable and someone to be taken seriously, they still could have kept her glam and gone with something more like this...

You still get the tough chick vibe, but it doesn't alienate Dazzler's fanbase. Besides the fights with Rogue, the clothes were the best part of her solo series. It was like Bettye or Veronica with superpowers.

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